White Elements

White void is white earth by use sometimes with a wild elf that is using an improving element. Where void magick itself degrades the mind. White void magick actually improves it. Every negative thing the dark void does, the white void reverses. This proves that you don't need black magick to achieve results that uses black magick.

White lava is White earth fire that is improving faith by its influence and it can induce terror in those it effects.

White fire is faith fire. This is the fire of faith made from white void and fire, it is empowered by how much you believe and can overwhelm nearly anything. This can kill demons.

White water is refreshing water that is holy made from water and white void. This is the water you use to repel vampires and evil from an area. It can replenish you and create energy in the body. This water is thought holy and made so by the faith you have. This is empowering the subconscious to create it.

White ice is holy enlightenment ice. That is the ice that you can use and enlighten people with as you cool things off. This is made of white void and water and cold air.

White air is enlightenment air made from white void and air. This is air that enlightens you as you breathe it. This air lets you know intuitively and be able to cope with many things creatively.

White lightning is creative destruction lightning is made of white void and an energy charge. This lightning can destroy any machine and cause demons to flee. Hit a person with it and you give them a creativity spurt.

More elemental combos:

White oil is White earth water that improves and refreshes. Squeezed plants and things can emulate this oil. This is where essential oils improve things as they work.

White earth air is white gravity that is made of white void and earth air. This is improving things as it enlightens the mind. This is the gravity that makes the aura be able to enlighten people as you get near them.

White firey air is Faith enlightment in activity, this is pretty to see but isn't really useful except to help your faith in things to come.

White mud is white void with water and earth, this mud can make holy anything by improving it.

White air earth is enlightening improvement that is made of white void and air with earth. This makes it so that you improve yourself as you enlighten off of it.

White firewater faithful holy water this firewater is hot and holy made up from fire and water and white void. It can create holyness by spreading its flames to others.


Ascension element, this element causes you to ascend as you use it. Its made up of all the White elements. This is the culmination of all white elements that you can use in a moment.

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