Adversity Elements ended by eveis advertius

 Adverse Earth is the pass-through element. Use of this element allows for bypassing anything with the effect of choice. Makes shields that are impassable by any spell. This element is fought to made to work, as adversity is used to fight. Another name is passthrough.
 The adverse lava is the lava that can phase moments. When using this lava there is a phase change to everything around it. It can melt anything as it's 500 degrees kelvin or more in temperature.

 Adverse Fire is the fire of change. Use this fire to make changes through imagination. This fire does not burn. It can heat up anything. It's up to the caster how hot it is. This fire is unseen but felt. It's other name is change.
 Adverse firewater is the changing absorption firewater. Its the water that cures any
disease. It can change anything while it absorbs the properties. To drink it you become
able to take any damage while it comes on you. Will the damage away.

 Adverse Water is absorption. To use this water you absorb anything that is energy. Bathing in it absorbs scent and sometimes memory. The memory comes back. When you drink it, you can absorb all energies. The water of absorption is a boon to any defense. This water is unseen.

 The adverse ice is the absorption remaking. Make this ice to cool off drinks and make changes while absorbing until the event is done. This ice is unseen.
 Adverse air is remaking. Use the air of remaking to make events as you want. Use imagination to remake the event. Use the air of remaking to make things work again if broken.

  You can compress adverse air into adverse lightning and make a person appear as if said person never existed. This lightning comes from Remaking Air and Energy Fire.

More combinations be:

 Adverse earth water make pass-through absorption oil. This earth and water combo, makes oil that allows you to pass through things and absorb nearly anything you'd desire. It also allows a passing through of others absorption.

 Adverse earth and adverse air makes pass-thru remaking gravity, where it can cause you or another, to pass through energy and do a remaking of events or idea, in the presence of the gravity.

 Firey adverse air is change remaking non heat or non use ends this effect by area use. This is the heat that causes change and remaking of things that it affects or isn't useful.

 Adverse water and adverse earth makes a mud that causes absorption of a pass-through effect. This mud can spread everywhere, where anything near it can feel grainy, suddenly.


 Adersity is the effect of all four elements and if one can control adversity one can control life. Adversity is also events that take place. Its' effects are everywhere.

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