Egyptian Forcecraft spells

To help bring money (ARABIC) (don`t expect to be a
millionaire! This is to give you what you need)

The 1 chant consists of 4 lines
Aye Ab, Abber Abra:
Kah! Brakad!
Kad, Kadder, Kaddab.
Dabbar, Dabbar, Kadabbar!

For better health ( This should be done with a
small blue candle,considering you may be ill and
you must do the chanttill the candle is burnt out
and on a Sunday and visualize the infected,or injured
area while doing this)

1. Sagosol
2. Preeva Quilt


Kepser Nanno Rimda Reegah = to help gain respect

Protections and Healing

Bare Nu Lairt on Hear = circle of protection

1. God cweeth eak swilch--------|
2. Bare nu lairt on hear--------|-- said together means circle of protection
3. God gewort there airdan dior-|
Bare ne hear no lairt -------|

Ne hait lairt a on hear ne ac be gehae
Think no problem then no problem occurs by your actions their reactions. Sanskrit is what this was from. What you think will happen will occur or think by feel. Seen to some is on to promise off to promises or not to recieve or take to dismiss or leave to go. Think to read through or see what is. Think to raise up or thought let out to cast out. This means "an en engel" creates what you wish or don't complete. Thus no suggested thought effects or you leave things alone. That means the idea halts with others or you know what is not by one who bids.

Clears up problems to work by feel that you hear or see useful.
1. Be ne hear nu lairt uu dih
2. Ne copian clane aeswotol in ascyran eo
3. Ne in nu gegan feoh o nu ne aefwela.

Negate area situation by area feel or how are you feeling.
Ne in ne wihte se ne in bair no lairt.

1. Ne in ne wihte se ne in 2. Ne in nu peorf localoca afeor
3. Be by ne in be clear eo.

This negates purgatory or hell eating or cancels out any situation.
Ne oferfaet ne uu be fela peranda. Negates theory or summaries or things no longer needed cancels by them. Ildfuu ne ma mah in be beo uu. Seen otherwise interest is what you think. Sped mamrian hyborg goldaet be feoh esta. Framdon uu fitt hild in ce.

1. Bare no hear be lairt en.
1. Bare no hear be lairt
2. Ne nu hear uu toendebyrdne be sare
3. Be ne snaelnes ne hittan hwaetnes

1. Brenyar theekan-----------|
2. Astyrian ongonn mid songe-|--to protect yourself
3. Kwen lair lufiend beon----|

Faedaric ic bidde thay bare nu lairt o hait on hear = To help protect yourself think no malicious or molicious effect that means something against legal proceedings keeps you from arrest some so no say to cut out food use is excess non use with food this was to not eat too much.

Ct sy be beheal ou yeu munan wirp, uu forwenan uu brd ce. Ne be oflinnen aerne asceandan, ne uu behabban feoh eaht. Sedowi reflex in framfaru dreanian to plane claer for handlian is non use. Uu unplump uu hwa t sy handlia ping afeorman cafnes aclaensian uu wearn en assume uu unwilla wearn. I arodscipe gefeormian or geos in es wascan id elcor aelcra be create. Ae fruma cwician ib de or in be gesceppend or gescipe. A point or use is wyth an onstellan scieppan uu strienan ne nor bute feoh.

The translation. Think to see is to look you think better. Or if not this is my favorite. Think to aggreeable to realize what is wrong or right to clear things away or not use up. See to avoid illness early on. Some also avoid weight gain, garlic with onion, paprika with onion, turmeric by parsley with chili powder, tea, mannitol, coerce or counter by pumpkin pie spices or fruit, turmeric. This was a last resort before I fell down, didn't move then died by asphinxiation as someone choked me to death over what in written was there. So you klnow that was all I had to work with yet I remembered this article. The page began with "in written or use" then ended with "written t not or nor the end". This was my last memorized line the rest I came up or used from memory. This was my point no longer to do things with so I had quit after this point, see I am away you can do or say what you want or feel.

This is a useful charm to work by fee. "Seohia in he or her with afeormian atdran en no " or to lose weight "├Ždreweg ad nu aware" to stop war is "nhit in uu en" that was interesting for the time. This fits some war end "niht uu en".
closea agate = close gates and negate effects of happenings of people who came

To heal bleeding wounds

gyamit niluil mayzhiwundl heawund = (gil-am-might nile-lung-mill may-zhi-wound-l

Fbi agent begone. this consists of three verses.

growl Iggs oily ne,
turing kennan irth alicgain,
oodles fbi agone beflowen.

  Drive away thieves

Aye Kalabarr Salabbar
God Alaban Halabba mid
Sor Malad Had Malabbar
Stel kan halass irlion sirr

  Another version:
God Drivawa tief there
lalabarr dalamarr surcero byr
selanci dalamara stupido purito
reverto lallabar sorbeto loll 

gwava unforbi asorl
sorc lebmonski pas
labra symn lewarr

 Roving gate is a gate to go where you want by some direction
sysm portus brovtum
portus item token
portus tt motb

 Tranplant event - think of event to transplant into now.
remus leuportus tye
lordus typortus sarra
so motb insur

 Spell drain fix. Ne to no forcaeman aclaensian en i flow. Aen asettan ahluttrian aen lel ne. Ne behefp en put out cyre of itome. Beflowen eftflowan flod cafnes Uu peofix see caefnes ge ou.
 Spell dismissal can prevent undead or "en set is"
dedendra lahra somotb ansien in mode frym. en elle dimnes ness. un a sweora dness. afierednes gescipe ad gesceap. ad hoc en in.

larm lebnowki lya
parratl sobriety sol
naerant sesame lora
gewort gehlott resilience
ariman eyre cyrelif

 Creative madness
laibort mordomus sceaft in en somotb

 Manifest obj where you want
naist lauron moross
save mas mak
moros lapros preiss
remako pardon meila

 Release spell or "an en"
saijin sorkov ladda
aor sorcera parvas
awago motbe cyre ne gast wanhae

 Read language
reda jw juu
lixu parag motb
readj rumoiko selek
remai lang gnono

 Abortion of chold or project
alela reiko solo
salo rolo nario
sharlet relo mottb

 Cure cancer or disease
abelas pardos moros
mas larv perro
parlon dept mesar
mekar paron larra

 Incurable spelling or mistake
silencis sodamus parvarti
sodamus silencis curst

The God effect (by what you think with an idea)
  Do this spell near a blue lit or unlit if you imagine it as a candle focus is within your thought.
  The God Wyl

  The Web Con
  The Can Tryb
  Tyl Sen Kow

  The will of whatever you think to use is useful by this arabic spell; The will is God as if your will is the creator. This in point is their considered point that you use to get things as if to undo or think to do as if a use were an idea. Cancellable by what you do.

  The Momentum Momento Effect (noir eff)

  This is the momentum idea you can use, to fight or not fight as to do else is flight as with an effect in mind you can use the energy. Think to take entropy idea and use the idea from it, as if out to do nothing and as you deal with the dumb or use as you can create or seem in real life. Cast near a black candle or in your mind. You can create what you thought, or what you deal with is thought as a 'abort dumb'.

  Thy use Mom
  The Mom See
  The Con Zoe
  Thy Dub Noth

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