Elemental Interactions:

There are interactions of different elements that get mixed results. below are the effects:

Cosmeria is the general conjoining of Ether and Aether into Akasha or united spirit (Animus) and mind (Neuro), it defines the wholeness of the universe and is the giant container. Ether and Aether act as messangers and gain divided power, they also act as the rules and boundaries for the universe. Basically Akasha also has the attributes from both Ether and Aether making gray matter that is imprintable only once and it forms in any shape the wielder wants plus invisible at first. It transcends dimensions and is reality itself. This gray substance, Akasha, is usually impossible to wield but with the third eye and imagination you can wield it. With Akasha you can make anything work for you or do things. Its the strongest boost for any spell. If you tamper with this element, would be tampering with the fabrics of Reality. This may not be safe for those who do not look ahead to consider all possible consequences.

There exists a negative form of it known as Corrupt Cosmeria or Corrupt Akasha,its very existance is shrouded in mystery, but it has the ability to deform space and time, corrupting anything in its way to the will of the person. It forms a addictive unseen substance called corrupt red matter that is used by demonkind mostly.Something forged of this substance has the ability to slice through the boundaries of reality while immuring the wielder to addictive substance giving a good feeling to the person all the time of use. Yet again this substance is normally considered unwieldable unless wielded thru chaos or void to corrupt the person in a general direction and is always imprintable with no actual form.

As for Infini, every living thing contains it, obviously. When something is used, Infini is acted as the fuel, though Infini is never actually 'consumed'. Everything, including Cosmeria, was derived from Infini. You could think of Infini as the light that hits a prism before it divides into seperate colors of light. And because of this you'd need enough power to force the seperate colored lights (elements) back through the prism to attain and control Infini. A feat that has thus far been unaccomplishable. There have been some cases of people all of a sudden encompassed in a golden light. Everywhere they look is goldent, though this doesn't last long it's a wonderful feeling. This is the closest (in my opinion) that man has ever gotten to infini.

There are several types of Infini, I just know the brown Earth one of shit and stuff power, the golden one that's Fire, and the blue, water one of lightning like butanol flame. And now that Ice/Air is clear or menace of psychic wave with a white/pale blue and (forget what one that comes from) freezes of liquid nitrogen works like light or an addictive substance known as drugged item, as to just call it an inverted item is a truth, or spirit manipulation of grey, And that void is black devoid of most effect except for what is manifest of death and gaseous states..The voidal infini one is not reccomended to do, nor is the normal void sight because it can drive you insane and the water/ice one is addictive.

Universal be Void and Wild earth plus this force is very strong as it construes two earth forces together. When this happens it triples the outcome result plus this force makes it use negative with raw energy. The effect is obvious when using this power cuz it gets instant result with no indication except area power drain depending on the spell strength. . The result for even a little of this power can be limitless effect plus its unseen till the caster wants it to be. Another name is negative wild magic and this power gives power to the wishes of people plus its limitless. It makes for the underlying energy support for the universe itself.

Inverse Aether is also called Faery Aether. Intuitive magick works by imagination. This magic is the magic of high magic. Guide the positive and magical energies with it.

Inverse Ether is called Faery Ether. This magick is used by feeling for the effect sought. This is the magick of empathists. Empathic people can use this easily. This guides magick and spirits.

Inverse Akasha is the the forces of the Aether, Another name is Faery Akasha. Ether and Magick combined. This force is the universal energy that is the meta energy backbone. You can can do anything with it through imagination.

Inverse Adversity is the forces of adversity and inversity. Another name is Faery Adverse. This force will allow manipulation of both inverse and adverse elements. Use imagination and feeling to manipulation.

Adverse Akasha is the forces of Aether, Ether and Adversity. Control all three with the calling of this force.

Adverse Inverse Akasha is the forces of Aether, Ether, Adversity and Inversity. Control all four with focused mind and imagination.

Absorbtion black fire is the forces of Void and Inverted Fire. This black fire is lethal as it will absorb all energies around it while it is in existance.

Black fire change is Void and Adverted Fire. This black fire is the incineration fire that will morph a person while it kills them..

Black fire mutation is Mutation fire and Void. This black fire will mutate the body and then kill the person leaving nothing behind. It will also mutate other things around it.

Black fire cloning is the Cloning fire and Void. This fire will clone itself and strike simultaneously from all sides incinerating the victim.

Dark restorative black fire is Dark Flame and Void. What this fire does is to make incineration and restores dark people and creatures.

Light Black fire is Light fire and Void. This black fire will cast a killing light while it incinerates the victim. The light will kill those near it.

Destructive black fire is Destruction and Void. This black fire will incinerate the target and those around the target. This fire is vastly improved over the normal black fire.

Copy black fire is Copy and Void. Fire that will take out its victim while giving the caster the victims energies.

Energy Black Fire is the forces of Energy and Void. Fire of this attack will incinerate the person with increased energy potential. Making it possible to kill everything in the area.

Erasing black fire is the forces of Undoing and Void. The fire of this attack will incinerate the person erasing the existence entire of the victim.

Time black fire is the black fire formed from time and void. This black fire will move through subspace and hit with lethal intensity. Thus the time it hits the target is the same moment its formed..

Corruption of black fire is the fire formed from Greed and Void. This fire will attack anyone corrupt. It will make a mockery of the persons feelings and pass off anything of importance to the attacker. The attacker will end up with power and the victim will be killed by guilt. This is the most subtle black fire in existence. The fire it produces will spread to others and produce shame in the end. There is no heat to this flame.

The black fire of diversity is formed of diversion and void. It will mislead the people around it into not seeing it but the victim will die unknown and incinerated.

Vision black fire will make the person see ones death before it hits. Effectively killing the person because by the time it hits, the victim will be paralyzed already thinking they were dead.

Protection black fire protects the person while it destroys the power of the attacker as if the ability did not exist in them by a black fire backlash.

Language black fire is the death projection. This black fire will project death to the person before it strikes. Making doom felt before it hits because they will want to be dead before it happens.

Hyper black fire is subatomical death. This be the black fire that destroys through instant desolvation of the target as if it didnt exist before. Another name is instant death yet death itself can easily be turned with this.

Devour black fire has possibility of enveloping death fire. This fire will devour from without to within causing death to the targets thought on at time of casting. Plus a use can be of destroying energy from without. Another name could be enveloping death.

Strengthened black ice is the forces of Void on Inverted Ice. This black ice has greater absorbing capacity. It will heal on touch instead incineration.

Remaking absorbing black ice is the forces of Void and Adverted Ice. When in existence it will remake anything round it. It will absorb at a higher capacity then black ice.

Controlled Domination Black Ice is black ice with Control and Domination. Use this ice to control and dominate the victims. This ice can also if used as an attack to incinerate the victims.

Removing illusions black ice is Draining, Illusion and Void. Use this black ice to dispel any illusions and illness. The attack form of this ice will cut through illusions and incinerate the victim.

Cloaking substance black ice is Cloaking, Substance and Void. Use this black ice to make an unseen attack that kills with incineration. Summon this black ice to make an invisible black ice column.

Positive heat black ice is Positive, Heat and Void. The effect of this ice is to reinforce positive and make a warm area affect. This is not for attack.

Abusive Collision Black Ice is Abuse water, Collision Air and Void. Making this ice will cause death by abusive influence and psychic punches. Summoning it is even more funner because on summoning it clears negativity from the area. Summon this as a defense.

Mirroring Sharing Black Ice is the Imitation black ice. This black ice will mirror the the attacks back to the attacker. It will also make sharing of their abilities to you. It makes an excellent shield.

Adaptive Effects Black Ice is Adaptation water, Effects air and Void. This black ice is the effects of making the person adapt by accepting whatever the caster wants the person to accept It kills if used in an attack by a caster. The victim never realizes that death occurs. Incineration is that death. A shield of this black ice is perfect.

Making black ice is Undoing water, Nothing Air and Void. This black ice will by the caster make any event happen unseen. It is not meant for direct attack.

Death change black ice is the black ice that will make death occur in some manner. Thus the black ice of death change is very powerful as it can can be a great defense. If used as the attack it will decimate the victim.

Corruption black ice is twisted desire and control. It only leads to disaster and disruption of the mind and family. This ice is self contained and only affects those who are willing. The rewards are great and the balance in the mind must be kept Sanity is kept if balance is maintained. Its existence is completely hidden as it only found as what it is not. Even if the person is aware of it, it will always control no matter the circumstance. Once called into existence, a sacrifice can only get rid of its effects of any sort. Unsummoned, its effects are are completely erased as if it never happened. A person of complete calm will never be effected. Its not detectable by any means. It steals any knowledge for the summoner.

Distractive Displacement black ice will displace anyone or anything that the caster wills. If left on its own it will make anything displaced. One cannot find this ice as it has no form in the prime material realm. But one can hear it as its true form is displaced in its own spacial pocket. It continuously reforms itself.

Mind sight black ice will grant people visions and store spells. It will also store visions. Thus the form of this black ice is a vision only. One will not hear it as its disguised by visions it makes the person perceive.

Protection black ice absorbs without being seen as though the damage never happened being that it was absorbed to feed the blace ice itself. This will also weaken the weapon that tries to attack it.

Removal black ice will remove the message in the air to make obstacles dissappear and messages not heard. This black ice removes unwanted things and can act as a filter. This ice unseen but felt.

Phase black ice will make people disappear within a certain distance as it will take thier life force to do so and on success make the person disappear. Also it can make other things including memory to the same effect. One can't detail theblack ice itself but its effects are felt. This black ice has a cloaking effect for the object at the callers will.

Infinite channel black ice allows for the person to use a little energy to create any number of results that the person chooses. A mere focus with this element will cause effect with an imagined scene. This is imagination magic an sustains itself as long as possible.

The space of the mind is where people make mental constructs. Void and Aether make this space. This is also called Aerth or Aether space. People can range infinitly in this space. The time variance is 10 years there and 1 millisecond here. Thus test your ideas out there. This is your personal space and each person has there own space.

Ether Space is the soul space and is where people go when they die. Void and Spirit make this space up. This is a place of pure emotion and thoughts. One happens amongst a dimensional pocket and then gets reborn. One can also build spiritual constructs in this space.

Breathable space is Void and Inverted Air. This is the space that you can breath. Travel through space in a shield made of this. In a limited air area use this element. There is a heightened sense of space.

Remaking space is Void and Adverted Air. Remaking space is used by pre-scientific people. This space has no existence except for moments. Use this by trained focus.

Domination Space is Domination and Void. Enter into this space and your mind will be dominated by an invisible force. Which will ensue control of the victim until they leave the space. It is also used by body jumpers.

Strife Space is the spaces of strike and strife. This space will kill you in instances. Use this space as the trap space that cannot be escaped.

Chaos space is the hidden space that chaos beings live in. Thus chaos runs as the law there. The chaos is the ultimate force there as well. Trust not what you see.

Illusion Space is Illusion and Space. This is the space of pure illusions. One only has to enter and it gives the Vision which suits to the needs of the visitor the best. One almost never wants to leave. Be wary of people who use vision magic as they can usurp control if allowed to.

Shadow Space is the space of shadows and dark magic. Enter warily as the shadows can lie. One can be usurped by the merest spell from the shadows.

Heat Space is the space of heat. When the visitor enters they will be warmed and renergized immediately. Thus they never need to eat there and the person can receive visions.

Sharing Space is Sharing and Void. Enter this space and pull in from other spaces of existence materials or objects that can copied. The copying will be a sharing of one object to another.

Energy Space is Energy air and Void. Enter this space and you will be energized in seconds. Attack from this space and you will never run out of energy.

Making Space is the Nothing air and Void. This is also Nothing space and is the space of dark matter. Imagine there as its only concepts and most likely to happen. Nothing space is good as a storage for anything lost or broken.

Reverse space is the space of indirections. This is Change and Void. Reverse space is always going backwards. When on entry the space will preserve your age and time will stop. Then a slow unaging will happen. Thus do whatever necessary and then do things there.When leaving you will be unaged slightly.

Corruption space is called the book world. This place is entirely of books in a library and money of any sort. Find any type of money transaction in the book world. The dimensional traders live there and so do the dimensional bounty hunters. Everyone is a psi master of some degree in that space.

Avertive space is the space of prevention. This made from Void and displacement. This space prevents anything from ever happening. If one does an action its undone at some point in time. The other name is counter space for in truth everything done there is countered. This space is also the space of displaced objects or people.

Vision space is the space of visions. One can see anything they would like here. The visions come however the person wants. What one expects will be seen. People who are negative will only see negative. People who are positive will see positive.

Language space is the space of which languages exist and are understood by all. The space of languages is also used for study in languages to understand them. Just focus on the name of the language and you will hear it.

Inducement space is a space that can be used to call into existance most anything the person desires. This space tends to make a good business area as you dun need to pay for it unless you want to. Now the other aspect is it may grant you visions at will.so you could spy unnoticed on people. Hyperspace is another name as this space also reflects a hyper reality where time is nonexistant and people or ships of many sort can jump to other places by will or engines.

Mana space is the space of the source of mana as it looks like a endless lake and a shore all in blackness. Enter this space for instant recharge of life and restoring abilities. However, just think on the effect to gain the event as you might feel like a god dun abuse it.

White space is literally the space of beauty and developement. It makes life worth seeing as you visit the white space. Its literally the beautiful version of the world on its own.

Space and fire make plasma. Plasma can melt anything and typically burns at 700 degrees kelvin or hotter. This usually comes from the sun itself in a plasma arc.

Absorbing plasma is Space and Inverted Fire. This plasma which burns at the temperature of which the caster desires can absorb the energy around it to keep on going. It can melt anything.

Morphing plasma is Space and Change. This plasma will burn at 800 kelvin. It will morph anything while it melts the surroundings.

Mutating plasma is Evil and Space. The mutation plasma is for effecting object and people only. It won't mutate unless the wielder wills it. Otherwise it will melt everything near it.

Draining energy plasma is Draining Water and Space. The plasma is very deadly as it will drain the victim first. Then give it to the caster while killing the victim. It burns at what the person wills it to be burning at. This plasma can only be summoned.

Dark Restorative Plasma is Restorative Flame and Void. Use of this plasma is in essence only and will give life to dark peoples. It will raise dead and make them shadows. It gives permanent strength to the wielder. There is always a seductive pull to this plasma as it pulls the person down into the soul. The person must have control of influences around said person. This plasma has no heat and resides on the plane of shadows.

Light plasma is the plasma of heat. Use this to heal or raise someone with heat emanations. This is used for warmth as well. This plasma has no true form except for essence. It is up to the caster to what temperature it is. This lava felt.

Destruction plasma is plasma that will kill more effeciently and will burn at 1000 degrees kelvin. This can melt a small chunk of land. Throw this a an foe and it will kill several more people.

Copying plasma is the plasma that will copy the attributes of the victim as it kills the victim. This burns at 700 degrees kelvin

Energy plasma is the supernova plasma that melts half a planet. 1500 degrees kelvin is its temperature.

Erasing plasma is the plasma that will erase the existence of everything around it including the victim from the heat emanation. It burns at 600 degrees kelvin.

Timed plasma is the plasma that will time itself to the target and attempt to kill the victim while time seems to stand still for it. Make a note. do not be the target or it could be fatal.

Corruption plasma is the corruption of greed and space. The corruption plasma is thetype of plasma that will kill by desires of greed. Its temperature can be any temperature of the casters desire. The caster will make the desire be amplified in the victims which are melted from within. The hotter the plasma, the more disaster by desire.

Misleading Plasma is Diversive Fire and Space. This plasma will destroy people around it and the victim as well. While misleading them into thinking the attack is not aimed at them it will melt them into death.

Vision plasma will kill on sight as it is made from Vision fire and Space. The visions it sends will be phantasms of death. Freezing the victims while it melts them if they are too near the 1000 dergress kelvin heat.

Plasma language will kill by you hearing hot or bad language. Distracting you to be melted by the plasma to death. This plasma puts nasty sounding words in your mind. Everything you hear will be a probable bad word. Plasma language is cursing.

Subatomic plasma is the plasma that is felt but not seen as it burns at 1200 degree kelvin. It can melt even the most hardest metal or mineral in its path. It can only exist at calling it so it will melt anything at the persons desire.

Devour plasma is the plasma type that will melt objects from the outside in and this includes people. This plasma is most likely to occur at the will of the caster plus at 1000 degrees kelvin making it unpredictable results except to be certain of melting things in its path.

White plasma is the plasma that is of the sun and white void. This white plasma makes anything better and it increases stamina with the body energy going up. This can increase the heat level dramatically.

There is mental time which comes from Aether and Time. This is the time where your mind controls the moments. People plan in this time.

Reversed time is from Void and Time. The effect of both is the reversal of time events. When this happens you can remove age. Confuse your enemies. Make spells disappear or use it as a shield to be unkillable as the damages just disappears.

There is soul time which is the time of spirits. This time is where the spirits do what they please and all other time is frozen. The spirits control this time.

Magical time is from Magic and Time. This time goes forward yet stands still. This is the time of the faeries. Many things can be done in this time compared to normal time.Plus it lengthens the lifetime.

Moment time is Adversity and Time. This time is the time of moments. It stands still until a moment happens. When that moment happens, it occurs as quick as you want or an eye blink.

Manipulated time is the time of which you manipulate everything and it happens your way. All you need is imagination and then watch it occur during the day. Use complete scenes.

Concealed time is the time of which you are not seen yet the time goes normal. The time of which you can walk unseen and everyone averts their eyes. This is the thieves time.

Dark restorative time is the time that stands still and the shadows, liches, shades,wraithes, dark mages and other dark creatures heal completely.

Positive time is the time of healing as it heals perfectly as time goes at the rate wanted plus aids regeneration.

Chaotic time is the time of no time at all whereas everything stands still. Thus this time is outside of time and only found in the chaos realm.

Sharing time is the time where you find no time and only in the sharing space. This time will move 1/10 normal time.

Adaptive time is the time of which you adapt to a circumstance but afterwards time goes normal again. While adapting time does not move.

Infinity time is the power of the space, mind and spirit. It is also subtractive in nature. The power of infinity is stillness. This means that it is an entropy effect. You can use entropy to slow down anything. To make yourself untouched by any effect. You can work to extend spells to infinity. you can extend the effects of anything.

Corruption time is the time of books. Read a book or see a movie and you live in that time as it happened. One cannot change the story in any way or the dimensional police will correct it. If not that, then natural energy will do the exact same thing to that one when the person returns. Thus balance is kept so do nothing bad in other worlds or bad will happen to the person in their world. Another name is book time.

Diversity time is the time of distractions. This is the time that the caster can use to make use of escape. This is the time of distraction moments. Thieves and assasins use this time effeciently.

Vision time is the time of vision manipulations. Make visions here for all or whomever the target is to see. The visions can be perfect or not but they will be believed. The only way to tell the false vision is a slight droning sound in the background. There are ways to hide the drone.

Protection time is the time of protection and when evoked it will make the wielder unhurtable plus some actions not otherwise possible. This is an excellent time shield effect.

Language time is the time of messages. Say a message of any sort except derogatory and you find no time passes. Its instantly heard. If derogatory then it might get a nasty response.

Hyperforce time is the time of relative actions that one lives thru as they do things. Most the rules of physics are possible to make happen at which people or objects can move at the speed of light. Gravity can be adverted or made to happen to the willer necessity. Physics time is another name.

Wild time is the time of dimension as it will make use of any time the wielder wants. and allow access to any place without showing signs you were there. That is till a movie, show or some report shows signs as your behavious pattern.

White time is the time of Ascension. This time lets you see things that are beautiful visions and makes things better as the time works on your behalf.

Black lava is the effect of chaos on lava and what is black lava? Its a voidal lava that will morph anything it runs over while it melts it to create a new but different and somewhat bizarre element of sorts.

Mutation lava is Chaos and Inverted Lava. This lava will restore with its heat and mutate the person or object creating a diversion and stronger form from afflicted.Aversive Diversive black lava is made from adversion, diversion and chaos. This lava will mutate the land around it while making people avert there eyes and ignore it as if not there. It will kill by melting everything it flows across. Its temperature is 600 degrees kelvin.

Charm mutation black lava is made from charm mutatition and chaos to create a disasterous energy that mutates things surround. This black lava energy makes everything charmed to strike at the wielders willing and work for the wielder as he wants including manipulation of others.

Rapid destructive black lava is stealth lava with chaos. This lava will cover a landscape in minutes as it makes more of itself spreading rapid mutation. It is non detectable and there is very few that can outrun it. The temperature of this lava is undetectable.

Shadow destrution black lava is chaos plus shadow restoration lava plus sends draining shadows which twists anything near it with undetectable nature to destruction. Lava of this nature is black in color and has no heat except that in which the person thinks it has. It has no substance so it will be undiscernable.

Death Light Lava is Chaos and Light Lava. This is the only lava that will restore people to undeath while it flows. It brings spell resistance that aids in spell fights and it also brings an unnatural deathly light to the area. Death Lava will raise people by infusive heat into the person causing an unnatural lich like state.The death light lava has no temperature and it can melt people or objects in an attack. This is only found as a source of death.

Warp Copy Lava is Power Copying Lava and Chaos. This lava will spread itself across land with warping power waves of corrosive effect. It will literally cause malformed corrosive deterioration of anything near it plus a wielder can use this to create blight.

Mirroring sharing black lava is imitation lava plus chaos creating a effect of destructive blackish lava that has no substance and corruptly mirrors with full bizarre attribute all things effectable.

Adaption lava is Energy Glamour and Chaos. Use this in force craft as making a permant glamour changed through Heat infusion to the wielder will. The Heat of this lava causes a permanent glamour to change into something else. This lava can only be used as modification force.

Unseen erasure lava is Unseen Reverse lava with chaos so use this force of lava to force erasure unseen in an area of anything at all nearby as if it did not exist. and disappears anything in the area. Their is no heat with this lava so its undetectable plus it could erase the wielder.

Antimagic time black lava is the Anti-magic Time plus Chaos. This is the time of warped motions and thoughts. When used it will make warps moments happen anywhere in the spacial plane. This can be detected of background radiation thus this time flows backwards so stay in it only as long as one dares.

Greedy Knowledge black lava is lava that will bring control by blind desire. This lava will make most people do anything to gain the grasp of power by emotion and hate. The pride pulls them in and makes the pull undeniable to do as if the wielder was charismatic. People will always want more and sometimes the person will go to great lengths.to please the wielder. Hitler was one such to be controlled by it as it appears like a unseen winning force.

Avertive Diversion black lava is the diverted lava with chaos. This is the lava that uses destructive and chaotic actions to make it work. If it flowed along the area it would make destructive activity and its only revealed by a strange high picth sound heard by the victim.

Shield protection black lava is chaos plus shield protection and pushes people away thru deterrence while making certain the protected never gets hurt. A side note on this is that is always alone in some manner and cold.

Manipulation vision lava is made from Third eye earth with Vision fire and Chaos. The chaos tinges the third eye vision to manipulation of peoples vision into an impulsive destructive impulse and a false vision that only leads to destruction. It has no heat and only exists as force. So only casters can summon this black lava.

Transition black lava is made from language lava and void and is the black lava which transitions two things into one or mutates two things apart. This black lava works with objects to accomplish a transition of some sort. It always uses void as its medium.There is no heat heat except of the transition radiation to this black lava. Another name is genetics.

Hyper Inductive black lava is subatomical twist flow. This element can twist any event thru gut feeling and desire into happening. Know the event be what this is called by gut and it happens to make itself done thru any available path that the energy wants. The ability to manipulate it is called telekinetic ability plus its considered making miracles as it uses the twist of a subatomical twist flow to change events. This energy is undetectectable plus another name is the will and a way.

Wild warp lava will makewarping destruction of a city block easy as there is no control of it whence its released except for wild mages with expertise. This black lava will warp anything with wild energy in its path as it flows altering along an area fairly quick. It has no heat except a slight evil radiance. Another is wild warp.

White  warped lava is the white lava that chaos turns into a warped lava with a terror effect that gets to any that get near it. Instead of improving things it makes them worse. White warped lava is likely to create more chaos that feels good to be near.

Shields are the creation of any element and formed by the mind. When the shield comes it usually deflects and absorbs that which is its element and its opposite.

Mental shields are the shields for the mind and will reject mental intrusion. The mental shields are strong if one believes in the strength of survival.

Soul shields are Aura shields that can not be broken. If the spirit is strong then one can survive anything. The Aura shield can cause regeneration. This is the strongest shield their is.

Void shields are the reversed shields that are impossible to break. This is void and shield. When used the void shield make time very fast. There is unaging slowly and said practitioner seems unaging. This allows winning against anything as the spells get converted to spell energies for personal use. The Void Shield will not fade until the caster wills it. You can damage others that you can choose while you are protected. These are shields that support themselves only focus is needed.

Inverted shields are Inversion and Shield. These shields make the person invisible and slow time down for the person. Making the person unseen and the shield unbreakable as the shield absorbs any energies. These are easy shields to hold with three times the power.

Adverted shields are Adversion and Shield. These are the unbreakable shields that stop time around you and allow you to go anywhere without detection. The shields of averted nature divert the eye from the caster. Aversion shields are the shields that allow you to choose the moment. These are easy shields to hold with three times the power.

Manipulation shields are the shields that allow the wielder to manipulate everything in the area. Imagine the thing to be be manipulated and think of what you what you want to be done. Feel the event if so desired.

Concealed illusion shields are the shields that allow the person to be seen as something else else and almost invisible. These take only a little bit of life force to make work. If the shield almost fails embue it with more force. This is the diguise shield.

Shadow shields are the shields that cloak in shadow. The person is not seen as they are in an unpiercable shadow shield and eyes see through you. The shadows protect the shielded person by taking the extra force of attacks in to strengthen it. These shields disappate in direct sunlight.

Sunlight shields are the shields that make a person unkillable as the force of spells sent at the shield only strengthen it. Thus the shield never fails and imparts converted energy to the caster. This shield uses the sun as its source. It can also kill with attacks of its own.

Strife shields are the shields of strife and will cause distress or death to anyone the caster chooses to target. Otherwise it absorbs the violence as its fuel. Any attack strengthens it. This shield almost always guides the caster to a critical kill.

Illusion sharing shields are the shields of Illusion that copy the abilities to you of the attacker and cloak in illusion the protected. These shields absorb the energies as the source for which allows it to work.

Force shields are the shields that turn things or people away from the protected as if an invisible barrier existed. The Jedi's shield as its called. This shield will keep a person alive even afterwards.

Negative force shields are the shields that use negative feelings, thoughts and ideas to fuel it. It will reject any ones presence that the person does not like. It will absorb any energy that is cast at the protected. This shield will not fail.

Time shields prevent anyone from attacking and look like a bubble. The time shield is the moment of backward space. Thus the damage passes away from the protected. Yet time moves forward. One won't age in a time shield or feel hungry.

Corruption shields are shields of desire and mastery. These shields give whatever the attacker wants and yet never gives everything. Ending result is the victim will not be killed and thus the knowledge disappears from the attackers mind never to come back when its safe.

Diversive shields are the shields that divert attention away from the protected person rendering the person invisible. It has no other protection of itself but it costs very little to upkeep. Its called a cowards shield.

Vision shields are the shields that give people false visions to protect the protected. So, in truth the person can manipulate what the people around the protected will see endlessly.

Language shielding is the shields that block out anything said person doesn't want to hear or see as a message. This shielding also allows language manipulation endlessly and effort free.

Hyper shields are shields that can deflect anything without having to work at keeping the shield up. It has multi variable phasing capability as it is undetectable to the senses. This has capabilities of morphing the body to survive a blow or struggle.

Wild shields make it so you can use any energy and indirectly as it will aid as it needs. So this shield will do as it feels necessary being the protecteds will. It wun go down till necessary.

White Shield is the shield that Ascends you and makes you more aware of what you want and can get. This shield protects you from demons as it raises your vibrations and makes you unaffected by lower plane beings.

Soul sight allows you to see the soul of others and know what they know with ease of thought. This is instant as one sees everything of the person.

Black sight is the sight that uses void as the source of the visions. It is made from space with sight. The psychic visions can go to deep space or other dimensions for the visions. Thus it is the greater of the sight. One can also use this to see in black shades at any time of day thus one does not need light. Black psychic visions are great for viewing other planets.

Inverted vision is the magical vision. When this vision is used the third eye is used. This sight will work in place of normal vision. There is possibility of using this for easier psychic vision. See ghosts and other invisible beings with it.

Adverted sight is the sight of moments. See the events as in psychic visions. This is what psychics use as in when they stare into a crystal ball. When the vision is received there are only moments that you remember. The other name is Psychic Vision.

Demonic sight is the sight of demons and evil people. This sight allows you to see all the evil going on at will at a mere thought. This sight is in particles.

Night vision is the vision of nighttime and allows for you to see at night without a single bit of light. Thus you can do whatever you want at night. This is the sight of vampires. This sight is in shades of normal color.

Shadow sight is the sight of shadows and they can see equally well in the daytime or night time. This sight is in shades of gray.

Star vision is the sight star energy. No light at all is needed but you see in heightened vision at night or day. Thus the vision is never impaired. There is infinite vision possibility.

Violence vision is the vision of nightmare where the sights you see are the bad things in life and these vision are called at any time.

Illusion sight is the sight of illusionists which allow for the sight of both illusion and normal vision. This allows for easy set up of illusions.

Force sight is the vision of aura and powers. See anything in force and see magical objects. The night and day are almost the same.

Sightless sight is the sight of particles and does not use normal sight. Yet again it appears like normal vision in the light of day or night. This is sight without sight and uses the third eye. See anything with this sight. This sight does not even appear as sight.

Indirect sight is the sight that sees everything. When one looks in indirect Vision,have a thought in mind for what you seek to know. the vision will come. But, one must allow for it and remain separate from the sight. One can read minds with this sight.

Corruption sight is the sight of the complete mind and soul. Its the sight of knowledge. One can read anything as if in a book and make the correct decisions always. A keen mind is only needed to see it. Prescience is gained by using this sight. The necessity is only that one has an open mind.

Diversive vision is the vision of the maneuvers to make in moments. Its moments thatcome when one needs to survive. These will only be warnings. One can learn of survival tactics while getting these visions. These visions usually come minutes to hours before the events.

Shield sight is the vision of many type of shields in general as it allows the caster to see the shields of your enemies and other people too.

Language sight allows the worker to see languages as translated words plus makes possible to translate spoken words as in the language you understand thus the language spoken will be instantly understood by the caster. Just listen to the speech patterns and the understanding will come clear in your mind.

Hyper sight allows the person to see in the hyper dimensional world. Its just a peek as it will probably draw unwanted attention from a very powerful hyper worlder somewhere. So the sight will not be there if the seer doent want to look. With this sight a person can look into any other world as the hyper world links to all of them.

Wild sight allows you to see into alternative worlds or any place else as well. Because, it uses wild energy that cannot be detected as the source of the seeing. This energy allows the peerer to see anywhere without detection.

White sight allows you to see things as they are and it shatters illusions. This sighjt reveals the truth behind anything your curious about.

Zackal and Skyhawk contributed to Aether and Ether. Zackal solely owns Cosmeria, Corrupt Cosmeria and Infini.

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