Elemental and Elemental energy type chart

  This be the primary elements chart and not a table of elements so for the elements table chart go here. Some of the elements listed are elemental energy types.

Element Latin spellword Description
Earth taura
The element of earth is that of life. Earth can consist of items, use in drugs and in similar motions you can do. It can grant life, morph items or people, take life, heal or wield life like control. In granting life, it creates it anew through destructive action or gives it through infusion. Morphing item or people with earth infuses the target with energy charged by the workers purpose through imagination of changing the shape of the target. Wielding life, earth can make an infusion to do as the worker imagines. Earth is for the body.
inanis The negative element of earth is void. Void is nothingness and negative of earth. You can use it to protect yourself by forming a barrier to absorb the energy cast at it or to attack with it. When used for attack it incinerates someone as it sucks the life out of the victim, leaving ashes. Its considered by some monks, the storage place of things that are destroyed. You can also remove certain properties of anything you'd want by the imagination of it being removed and using void. Void in another aspect is negative in its nature, so if you visit the void earth then you would see a negative version of earth thats without limits and with negative values.
inversio taura Inverse earth can affect the meta energy flows and it is considered Magic. To manipulate with the inverse earth means you can effect others by thought alone. This is the best energy to play with for enchantments. This elements heightens anything its used with. Another name is inversion.
penetro Adverse Earth is the pass through element. Use of this element allows for bypassing anything with the effect of choice. Make shields that are impassable for any spell. This element is fought to made to work as adversity is used to fighting. Another name is passthrough.
occultatio Manipulation Earth is called the earth of Charm. It is the life blood of the manipulation effects. Use this to manipulate and control any effect, person, or object. This element can guide any effect or person to do what the wielder wants. This element is undetectable except by the controlled person. This element works well with reverse time.
occultatio Concealment is the element of stealth earth. It is the act of hiding using earth. To use this element think on not being seen. This element is not detected as it will conceal everything the wielder would want. To define the moment of Concealment is to make use of the element.
opacus Space and Earth is Dark Earth lava and is the Shadow element. Shadow can drain on touch or at a distance and is a live force given power by earth. Shadow can remove things without notice and it would seem like it was never there. You can move with shadow and go places or see with shadow. A shadow attack is always ended in death. Shadows prefer dark places.
genero Life is the Light earth element. Using life you can resurrect and restore a person or objects. Life in itself brings hope and resistance to any spell or destructive feelings. Feeling Life you must keep balance. If no attempt is kept then there is Chaos. Life can restore memories and the soul. This is an element of self-determined growth. If one controls Life one controls balance.
chao Chaos is space plus ether and is also Strife Earth, as it uses ether to create events in a space that are multitudinous. The more events created, the more chaos is there. Chaos also warps and changes anything. So, you can use it to morph things, warp effects, power yourself and others, or as a shield to bend attacks or spells.
efficio Imitation Earth is Power earth Use this earth to power yourself for anything that you'd want to happen. This Power allows you to use the earth as direct power as if through a link or focus. Power any device or yourself through a core tap idea much like the sun. This power is like electricity.
appono Additive earth is Glamour. This is the element that will form another form over an existing form Make anything appear as something else. Try to focus the image over the image and give it your life force to make it happen. Think of the property of mind to enchant with and visualize the effect in the person or object. Then give of your life force to make it set with the word lock.
caecus Subtractive earth is Unseen. This is the force of unseen change. The unseen changes will be undetected if not looked for. This can be anything to casters will through imagination or desire. One can make anything happen and it will be undetected.
ferreus Indirect earth is Anti-magic and is the magic of iron. When this is used it will indirectly effect everything. Focus and imagine the effects that are to happen. To focus try to think of the element. This is unseen and if undetectable magic as your spirit is willed impulse, thought in action is your will as this is suggestion in the subconscious and by what in idea is done. As you know what is there or not as nothing is existent in life existent is the potent use, that creates with lust or desire equals the moment that makes the point effective.
congnitio Corruption earth is Knowledge. This is the root of all corruption. The other name is power of corruption. To use this power is to control or guide those not knowing. To find knowledge is a harrowing task.
declino The diversive earth is aversion. Use of aversive actions is to do something rude or disruptive to make the threat go away. Thus the actions you don't won't to happen will be not done if the aversive behavior is done. Examples are to act out of phase or disrupt other people in small ways by being antisocial. Making activity around you impossible.
impetus Vision earth is the third eye. The third eye is the subsconscious eye that can manipulate anything that is in existence. It does its own thing and will make the moment of existence for a person much more easier. This eye will counter all spells set against said person and it. This is a tool of the telepath.
ancile Shield is the earth shield. This element protects you from all hazards or
disruptions. An earth shield also reduces damage by a certain amount and removing the damage after. This element can be called a ward.
accipio Understanding is the language earth. This forms the basis of all languages and makes intelligence possible. What makes this work is information. Gathered information makes ideas flow and understanding fluent. This element can be called intelligence.
vacuus  Inductive earth is suction that pulls things toward or away from you. This allows for hydraulics and air suction to happen as it causes the sucking force that allows it by varioous means. Including shifts of subatomical particles to cause suction. Electrical flow is negative to positive and will make most appliances work plus is a Electrical engineerist viewpoint. Another name is suction force or induction.
indomitus Wild earth is wild energy construed as wild magic. Wild magic is just pure force without conditioning being raw energy thus mostly chaotic. To use this force you need to work with logic to plot its course by use of conditions the energy uses to conform itself to. Another name is raw energy.
candor inanis
White void, is white earth that is an improving element. Where void magick itself degrades the mind. White void magick actually improves it. Every negative thing the dark void does, the white void reverses. This proves that you don't need black magick to achieve results that uses black magick.
lava liquentis
Lava is in essence melted rock and at a temperature of 400 degrees kelvin or hotter. It can melt most metals. It will burn a forest near a volcano as it leaks from the volcano itself.
inversio taura The inverse lava is the lava of meta infusion. This lava will be at any heat the caster will but its heat will heal the body, mind and soul. Its heat is infusive.
penetro commutatus The adverse lava is the lava that can phase moments. When using this lava there is a phase change to everything around it. It can melt anything as its 500 degrees kelvin or more.
medicatus mutus Manipulation Lava is the charm mutation lava. It will charm anyone near it to destruction. It will mutate anything near it as it moves. This lava is extremely dangerous. It burns at 600 degrees kelvin.
occultatio simulo Cloning Concealment Lava is the stealth lava. This lava will cover a landscape in minutes as it makes more of itself. It is non detectable. There is very few that can outrun it. The temperature of this lava is around 500 degrees kelvin.
opacus reductio Space and Earth is Dark Earth and is the Shadow element. Shadow can drain on touch or at a distance and is a live force given power by earth. Shadow can remove things without notice and it would seem like it was never there. You can move with shadow and go places or see with shadow. A shadow attack is always ended in death. Shadows prefer dark places.
genero elevo Life Light Lava is Light Lava. This is the only lava that will restore people while it flows. It brings spell resistance that aids in spell fights. It also brings an unnatural light to the area. Life Light Lava will raise people by infusive heat and it burns at whatever the caster wills. It can melt people or objects in an attack. This is only found as a usable source.
chao disturbatio Chaotic Destruction Lava is Strife Lava. This Lava will destructively kill and morph things as it flows. Its temperature is 700 degrees kelvin. This is called by the caster of spells.
efficio descriptio Imitation Lava is Power Copying Lava. This lava will spread itself across the land and spread power waves while doing so. It will literally cause malformed copies of anything near it. A wielder can use this to create power items.
appono multus Additive lava is Energy Glamour. Use this in force craft as making a glamour permanent through Heat infusion. The Heat of this lava causes a permanent glamour change. This lava can only be used as force.
caecus retexo Subtraction lava is Unseen Reverse. Use this force of lava to heat yourself and to
force a removal unseen. When this lava runs along the ground it will undo any anything in the area. The heat of this lava is decided upon by the wielder.
ferreus aevus Indirect lava is the Anti-magic Time. This is the time of motions and thoughts. When used it will make moments happen anywhere in the spacial plane. This has no heat except for background radiation. Thus this time flows backwards. Stay in it only as long as one dares.
cognitio avidus Corruption lava is Greedy Knowledge lava. This lava will bring fire to the power of control. Corruption lava will make most people do anything to gain the grasp of power. The information pull s them in and makes the pull undeniable. People will always want more. Sometimes the person will go to great lengths.
declino avocatio Avertive Diversion is the diverted lava. This is the lava that uses disruptive and
diversive actions to make it work.
impetus visus Vision lava is third eye vision. This force is of internal vision and allows for
the third eye to reach out and discover things for you that it relays to your mind at its choice.
ancile commendo Shield Protection is the lava shield. This element keeps you absorbing excess damage and protects from all hazards. Lava shields also reduces damage recieve plus remove damage on the body and returns the damage to the atacker. Another name is the restoration shield.
accipio avis Transition is the language lava. Understanding projection is the alternate name and
this element rules transition of state. Any language must be trnsitioned to where it is percieved. This is using understood knowledge and a projected message to get across your meaning.
navitas Hyper Inductive lava is subatomical energy flow. Hyper inductive lava introduces new elements to an area thru atomic displacement. This causes power to flow through lines or electrical discharge to the human body. Electricity flows thru lines of pliant (shapeable) metal by focus of subatomical particles to shift forward by negative atomic valence movement. Also probable is the persons movent of displacement as eplained by einsteins law of gravity (E=MC Squared) that means a person moves forward displacing subatomic particles to flow around said person or airstreamed to be behind them thus the person moves forward. The atomic bomb is a good example of this as it proves what happens when you split the atom by hyper inductivity. A hyper inductive energy field will effect an abnormal growth of size shape or tissue by cause of the cells taken new energy in as fuel and inducement of growth mutation. This can be called gravity or energy.
exedo Wild devour lava will makedestroying a city block easy as there is no control of it whence its unleased except for wild mages with expertise. This lava will melt with wild energy anything in its path as it flows along an area fairly quick. It has no heat except what the person wants to feel. Another is wild lava.
candor liquentis White lava is White earth fire that is improving faith by its influence and it can induce terror by feeling, in those it effects.
fire pyro The fire element is the element that gives life or takes life destructively and is the life around us. It gives life by forcing you to move on when it destroys your old life in some manner or form. Also it can give life by the healing act of the worker targeting only the disease cells with fire. Causing the body to cope by healing quicker. Fire takes life by burning the intended victim on focus of the worker. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger as a person. It can heat up places to warm you. Healing with fire heals open wounds. Fire is for the soul. It finally is light
inanis pyro The negative element of fire is black fire which allows for instant incineration of anything you will it to touch. Its formed from fire and void. It also can resurrect someone or restore something you direct its energies at. Black fire can dispel the death of the person if focused on destroying the death.
inversio pyro Adverse Fire is the fire of change. Use this fire to make changes through imagination. This fire does not burn. It can heat up anything. Its up to the caster to how hot it is. This fire is unseen but felt. Its other name is change.
mutus Manipulation Fire is also called Mutation. This fire can change anything to anything without ever being detected. When it works it is like the person was never changed. Thus the end point of the change is like it was always that way. Objects are the same way. They can start off one way and end up another. This fire has no heat and will not be seen. It is felt by the mutated.
simulo Cloning is the element of Stealth Fire. Use this element to make perfect copies of anything. This element is useful for making unlimited amount of money. Thus Cloning is unseen except to the person who clones. One can even clone themselves.
reductio Restoration flame is Dark Fire and is truly amazing to see. Dark Fire is seen as a black flame without any substance. It supports shadows and strengthens people who use shadow. The flame itself doesn't actually exist on this plane of existence but in the shadow realm itself. It regenerates the dark beings that include liches, shades, shadows and dark mages. This element will give peace to the one who looks upon it.
elevo Light is Fire from the earth and the sun. One sees Light as a way of Sight. Light can dispel shadows and banish bad enchantments. It can recharge one the more one works in it. The Light is a force of guidance that will aid in darkness or day. This force will always aid in winning through a fight. Focused light can hurt anyone. One can travel using the Light.
disturbatio Destruction Fire is Strife Fire and will destroy anything in its path. It is fed by destruction. This includes incinerating objects or attackers. Burning from within to destroy the victim or object. The Strife Fire will only cause more destruction and it is fed by destruction. .
descriptio Imitation Fire is Copying fire. Use this fire while imagining another duplicate of the item of person beside the original to make a copy. Thus you can copy anything but it will be flawed in some manner. This fire gives no heat.
multus Additive fire is Energy. This is the manipulated force that will add to anything at your will or make an effect that you want to happen such as a force field. Amplify any effect that you want or spell. This is the guiding force of Force Craft and Jedi abilities.
retexo Subtractive fire is Reverse. The power of Reverse is the power to render any attack effect opposite. Thus one can also make a negative effect positive or vice versa. This will only effect what the caster desires and will make a suitable shield. Make behavior modifications by this force. This is only a force to be used.
aevus Indirect Fire is Time. Time comes from Space and Aether. The combined effect make Astral energies. These energies create the time effects. Time is the change of event and moment in a persons lifetime. Thus time is the moment of change. One can manipulate time, change the speed of attacks or moments by speeding the moment up or slowing it down and thats it.
avidus Corruption fire is Greed. The fire of greed is the moving force of change behind the corruption. To know is to find power. The power of controlling is another nature.
avocatio Diversion fire is the fire that distracts and makes getting near you difficult. To
provide diversion is to make use of multiple tricks that put attention away from you. Use of these tricks are the main staples of diversion.
visus Vision fire is Vision itself. Vision is the sight of the mind that allows for great
things to be seen. Its visible sight and third eye sight which is the vision of the mind. Things in meditation can be focused upon as vision easier. Think of the works that with training the mind senses can be focused and honed to see. This is psionics and it provokes visions from within. Use this vision to see the future and events related to the self.
commendo Protection is the fire shield. This element absorbs damage and returns it in fire
damage to the attacker. The fire shield will keep absorbing the damage plus removes the damage on the body. Another name is damage shield.
avis Projection is the language fire. When projection happens one sends his thoughts in
the form of a message. Thus thought projection is immediately understood by the mind. There is also image projection that makes its presence known only to the intended person or group. This is also called telepathy.
traiectio Hyper fire is subatomic fire that allows for subatomic particle interchange. Like the mathematics for algebraic number replacement that switches equal numbers through an equation. This allows for the particles smaller than an atom to produce heat thru activity or moment particle placement causing gravity suction. Another name is particle heat.
flamma Devour fire is wild fire that is so concentrated it devours anything in its path. This includes wood, fabric, stone and other material cuz of fire concetration being wild making anything be eaten as fuel in its path. Devour fire can also destroy the death of a victim if focused right. Another name is wild fire.
candor fides White fire is faith fire. This is the fire of faith made from white void and fire, it is empowered by how much you believe and can overwhelm nearly anything. This can kill demons.
Fire water pyrus hydrus It can burn the tongue as it enters the throat. Firewater takes a medium to separate the water and the fire. Such as a hot substance and the water combined with a powder as carrier medium. Another idea is to use liquid as the carrier for the hot substance. A light film of oil on top of the water allows it to mix and coats the substance. Examples are greek fire, hot sauce in water or others.
inversio pyrus hydrus Inverse firewater grants the user an undestructible nature. It regenerates any body part. Makes the person unkillable as it eats the damage. It heightens the sight of mind and can use any source to keep it working. Its the hot firewater of immunity.
potus commutato Adverse firewater is the changing absorption firewater. Its the water that cures any disease. It can change anything while it absorbs the properties. To drink it you become able to take any damage while it comes on you. Will the damage away.
mutus moderato Manipulation Firewater is also called Mutation Control. With this water ye can combine anything with anything at a distance. This firewater is undectable and changes things fast. Another idea is it contains heat if drunken.
reductio solido Restoration Substance firewater is the dark firewater that restores substance. Even if its destroyed it restores itself. This firewater if used to create with will become self-restorative of itself. Another name regenerative materia.
elevus facio Positive Light is Light firewater. Positive light serves as force and electricity.
This force force can cure or heal as well as cook with the right amount of force. Recharge
is possible with this force. Another name is electricity or bioelectricity.
disturbatio maledicus Destructive abuse is Destruction strife fire water. This water will mesmerize,
cause divorce, make messy events out of fear jealousy misunderstanding and abuse. This water is called ugly argument.
descriptius imago Imitation firewater is mirror copy. Use this firewater with care as ye can clone a mirror image of a person or yourself. Copy anything with it and attempt to make a clone of yourself thru this element. This is very useful for fighting youself for alot of experience. Another name is mirror image.
multus conformus Energy adaption firewater is energy fire plus adaption water. This water is the energy of a masking nature that can conceal anything. It can change print on a page, anything written, make a notebook communication journal, make adaptable what is hard and other things. Finally, it can conceal entrances and make its name as masking firewater.
retexo fabricatius Subtractive firewater is Reverse Undoing. Use this firwater to undo while reversing events to wipe the event from history. The usage of this always leaves a storm while in effect so another name is erasure firewater.
aevus necrus Indirect Firewater is time death. Usage of the timedeath causes death of the moment you don't want as it happens. Getting the moment right is easy with the timedeath firewater. Another name is timely death.
avidus attentus Corruption firewater is Corrupt Greed. This firewater is known for corruption by luring the enticed to an end designed by somone else. Thus the person becomes a puppet by lies, truthes, deceit and falsehood. The ideas of face are based off this which is false honor. Another name is falsehood firewater.
avocatio distineus Hidden distraction is divertive firewater and makes long range distraction divert attentive eyes to aid your win. This firewater allows people to be unseeing of your activity even if upclose. Taking advantage of the moment is using this technique as you find what they dun look for. It is never seen as a distraction as this is also called unseen distraction firewater.
visus conspecto Vision firewater is Prescienc of the mind and allows you to see future before it happens. The viewer is often gifted of an event as it might happen of themselves or others when doing something. Reflection or Glimpse is another name for this as this firewater is reflective of events.
commendo antevertus Protection prevention is the firewater shield. A firewater shield will ward away the damage and absorb excess energy to return it to the attacker. It can pass the damage to someone else warding away unknown possible danger. The protected of this shield is never hurt. A name for this is pass shield or intervention.
avis transferus Reaction is the language firewater. This is where the reaction on the projected message through translation water to make the message transferred. There are several obstacles along the way to reach its destination. These are distractions and blockers and can be overcome. Another name is the medium.
adhuc Hyper intro firewater is subatomic away flow that streams away from you. Hyper intro energy can make something flow backwards including time as this energry flows backwards while it flows away causing changes through replacement effect. Heat exchanges of subatomical particles are cold heat that is below zero cuz the flow away reverts as it flows. You could stand seeing an event happen before your eyes backwards while this energy interacts. Events could flow forward too with future consequence making time flow. Another name.is time events.
peredo Mana devour firewater is wild firewater that is capable of devouring any power source. This source can be directed by outside forces like magnetics, magic or channeling. When it eats a souce up it destroys by usurping from within to form a false power plus mana devour firewater has possibility to be used as an inner channel of any power to deliver a hidden message alluding people to make believe that its something that it isn't as in allusion (misleading). Another name is ability loss or false power.
candor fidelis pius White firewater faithful holy water this firewater is hot and holy made up from fire and water and white void. It can create holyness by spreading its flames to others.
Water cyro Water can heal people, overcome things, or change things. Healing with water can happen on infusion of energy with the thought of rapid regeneration for 5 minutes at a drink. Any other thought is also enacted. Your thought becomes the waters actions to the body. It can overcome things by being in a large enough body of movement like a tidal wave. Water can change things with an infusion of energy into water while someone imagines what they want to happen. Water is for the heart.
inversio hydro Inverse water is water that is not water. Another name is faery water. Its apparent by touch and sense and it heals on touch. It cleanses negative and positive energies. If you drink it you become immortal. You cannot see it. This element heightens anything its used with. Cast a spell near this water and the spell is stored as an enchantment. Change something from within.
potus Adverse Water is absorption. To use this water you absorb anything that is energy. Bathing in it absorbs scent and sometimes memory. The memory comes back. To drink it you become absorbant to all energies. The water of absorption is a boon to any defense. This water is unseen.
moderatus Manipulation Water is also called Control. When this water is used you literally can make anyone do something. All one needs to do is call it into existence. The water will know. It has no flavor and it has no substance except for essence. You can cause fear with this effect.
exhaurio Draining is the element of stealth water. Use this water to remove any evidence of the energy that was there. Remove energy from a clog and you clear the drain quickly. This water is useful for removing bindings. The element of Draining is unseen and is only a force.
solidus Substance water is Dark Water. With dark water one can make anything that is imagined. It keeps its form however long the wielder wants. It can keep on reforming until it disappates in the sun. It cannot be in direct sunlight unless formed into a shape. It is strengthened by darkness and Dark Flame. Dark Flame will kill those of good alignment.
facio Positive water is the Light Water element. With this water one can revert insane people to sanity. One can make resurrection possible with the thought of raise while administering the positive water. Using Positive water with items will make the item charged. This is the miracle water that can do anything. It looks like normal water.
maledico Abusive water is Strife Water. The water of Abuse will cause disturbance, destructive behavior, and stupidity. It will also cause poor coordination of body. Bad words at any time. Disturbance of spell casting and purposeful destruction of projects. Abusive water is also called water of corruption. Abusive water is seen as normal water.
imago Imitation Water is Mirroring water. This water can mirror anything that is living. If made to look like you it will copy your actions in every way. The Mirroring water will also be able to copy object form actions. This is useful for copying voice everywhere that you want it heard from another location. The Mirroring water can ultimately be used for simulacrum. The exact copy of yourself except somewhere else.
comformo Additive water is Adaptation. This water will cause literal instant acceptance of the situation and manipulation of the moment for the wielder. Use this as a force to get over problems that won't go away. Make the dissolution of nightmares and stress possible through understanding.
fabricatio Subtractive water is Undoing. This water will make anything undone when used with feeling and imagination. There can be feeling manipulation of the Undoing force as well. Make mistakes disappear with the use of this force. This is only a force of water like vapors.
necro Indirect Water is Death. Death is Voids indirect reaction to life. It leaches and
causes decay. Death can be used for raising by destroying the death. It is the force that kills. Death has no mercy. But one can cheat death by many means. Disease and Pestilence come from the interaction of death with life.
attento Corruption water is Corruption and can make two forms of itself known in two ways. Physical and Inphysical. The physical is actual corrupted water and the inphysical is the need for protecting and craving more for yourself. This is represented in politics very well. With water of corruption come disease and pestilence as in physical manifestation.
distineo Water of diversity is distraction. The distraction techniques will make this element
work. Use this technique to make enemies and people not see that one do things. The use of distraction includes using objects and traps set at certain times to attract attention not to oneself.
conspectus Vision water is the water of Sight. Sight is the moment of elements that consist in
some part of water to induce sight. Thus to use sight one makes visions from without. Use this element with scrying of people or events.
anteverto Prevention is the water shield. This shield acts by warding away the damage or
danger leaving the protected unharmed. Water shields can be used to go unnoticed through areas or avert many destructive personalities. Another name is a preventative.
transfero Translation is the language water. Translation effects through understanding the
given and known information. One who understands the information that is there is on top of the moment. This is also the information element.
inductio Introductive water is flow away push that allows for things to be pushed away. This flow away from yourself makes easy tranlocation somewhere else cuz the current will drag an object or person with it. Introductive water will also cause shrinkage as it will take energy away from the live person or subject to cause conservation of the cell making it shrink. Positive to negative electrical flow will occur by this introductive energy field supported by phycisists. You can weaken the subject effected with this energy field as well as other things. Another name is weakening firld.
cannalis Channel water is wild water that does any number of possible effects that can be channeled to make occur by meditation and focus.Use this water to channel effects thru as it has no outside control except for the channeler. Another name is wild water.
candor hydro White water is refreshing water that is holy made from water and white void. This is the water you use to repel vampires and evil from an area. It can replenish you and create energy in the body. This water is thought holy and made so by the faith you have. This is empowering the subconscious to create it.
Ice cyro Ice comes from air flowing around water. Ice can form from the air through the water particles with imagination. This is useful for cooling things down.
inanis cyro Waters negative element is black ice. Black ice melts at absolute zero and forms when elemental water heats up. Its actually hot in its nature and in an environment. Black ice is formed from the union of water and void, which causes it to be an opposite in its nature, instead of cold. It is black in color and makes body parts disintegrate when touched. It can store unlimited spells if it can be harvested as force. It looks like a constantly reforming black substance and draws its properties from void, while it keeps some properties of water. Basically, its flowing nature.
inversio cyro The inverse ice formed by interaction of inverse air and inverse water can increase the casters strength by 10% to 120%. It depends on how pure it is. Used in a drink it will empower the drink. Use it for enchantments and it will increase the enchantments effect.
potus abfabricatio The adverse ice is the absorption remaking. Make this ice to cool off drinks and
make changes while absorbing until the event is done. This ice is unseen.
moderatus enervatus Manipulation Ice is also called Controlled Domination Ice. It has the normal coldness of ice yet it will control and dominate anyone who drinks with this ice. With the wielders direction this could be deadly.
exhaurio aspectus Remove illusion ice is stealth ice. This ice will allow you to be seeing right through illusion. Drink with this ice and you embued yourself to to se illusions.
solidus integumentum Substance Cloaking Ice is the ice that can cloak the person even in sunlight. One drink with this ice will make the person unseen.
facio incalfacio Positive Heat Water is Light Ice. Light Ice is the ice that is warm and positively charged. It keeps it clear form by the magic of the Light. The use of this ice will infuse a drink with a powerful curative. If other enchantments in the water the ice will enhance the positive and banish the negative spells.
maledico incursio Abusive Collision Ice is Strife ice. The ice looks like normal ice and yet will kill the victim who drinks of the drink with this in it. Strife ice will bring panic attacks within minutes. It will then turn the victim upon said victims friends and then uponst said victim from within as the killing stroke.
imago communio Imitation Ice is Mirroring Sharing Ice. This is the ice that can copy the actions of and look real because its shared the properties of the object or person. The drink with this ice in it will give you the ability of a doppleganger. This ice is unstable and looks like normal ice unless used to create a perfect simulacrum. It can also be formed, of dopplegangers.
comformo efficio Additive Ice is Adaptive effects ice. This ice will cause effects that make the person accept the effect shown as natural if used in force craft Additive Ice will make the drinker of the drink with this ice in it adapt to any situation and accept any event of effect as natural.
fabricatio redeo Subtractive ice is Making. This ice when in effect as a force will make the item
return that is imagined. To make an effect or event come back as the caster wills it. Make any event or item with this force. Sometimes when making it alerts people.
necro cedo Indirect Ice is the Death Change ice. The ice of death change is just moments when the time comes for people to die. This can be anytime so this ice is very effective. It has no temperature except of etherical coldness. When the time for death comes it is the moment of death change ice that causes it.
attento dominus Corruption ice is the ice of corrupted control and will make people wonder why they sought power in the first place. This is the power of gluttony. One must watch for this or suffer the price. The price is the loss of control and the consequence is not knowing anything.
distineo molior The ice of diversion is the ice of distractive displacement. Use this to displace
any object or person to another place without notice by imagining the object appear in that place.
conspectus adduco Vision ice is the mind sight ice. It produces vision enhancement to the mind by
sharpened perception. The person affected by this ice only needs to think or need to gain a vision of desire. The psychic moment comes from within but seems without and is undetectable to its happening until the seer tells of it. Another name is omnipotence as the affected could recieve any number of visions.
anteverto defendo Prevention deflection is the ice shield. This shield causes rearrangement of any
attack to be cast on the attacker meaning the attacker attacks himself. Ice shields can also prevent attacks by warding them away. An added benefit is the energy of the attack returns useful energy to the protected. Mostly the ice shield can be used to take out attackers as they attack. Another name is the rearrangement shield.
transfero communico Perception is the language ice. How one percieves the message is how one reacts to it. There are several distractions depending on circumstance of the message. Thus its not always recieved. This uses Translation and Communication.
deicio Phase shift ice allows the body to be able to phase to other existences or place things in storage This being true makes it possible for physical shifts of person or object cuz the subatomical particles flow away while it induces a shift of said target. Thus the object or human is temporarily not there yet is there in a different form. So this force can preserve things or move things to other places from within to without as it effects from within to effect the whole thing. Another name is phase out.
derivo Channel mana ice is wild ice that strengthens thru events to make a person better from within. To use it try to focus it into existence making it condense from mana air and channel water to form into some type of ice cube. Its exact temperature is below zero so you want it to form in a sealed area. Another use is to channel its effects inside someone to gain the chaotic effect of desire. Another name is choas ice thus its useable by chaoticists.
candor glacies White ice is holy enlightenment ice that is the ice that you can use and enlighten people with as you cool things off. This is made of white void and water and cold air.
Air aero Air can choke, destroy, enforce, or change things. Air choking is the act of the worker to close air in a circle around a person's throat. This is also called collaring. Air enforcement is the act of the worker to create a wall by imagination or to cause yourself to float in the air by air itself through imagination. How does air change things? Air can change things by the worker using it as a medium in their acts to influence moments. Finally air can be used as a mass spread medium. Air is for the mind.
inanis aero Air's negative element is space. This is the physical representation of void. Some consider space an idea, not even an element, energy type or similar, but it can be an element of emptiness that contains other elements. Space is infinite or feeling no area unless you effect the area to create no alcohol whereas air is contained. Space contains things such as earth elements. Space has vacuum which sucks a person dead as when air supports people on a planet. Compress space into energy and you get a warp field that can be turned into a black lightning effect or a Void Gate that can bring you anywhere. Only the worker can dispel his/her shield.
inversio aero Inverse air is air that is not air because it is metaphysical in sense and like mist. It restores and youthens the body that breathes it and makes a person immortal. A mass spread effect of inverse air effects everything. This element heightens anything its used with and can be called Faery Air.
abfabricatio Adverse air is remaking. Use the air of remaking to make events as you want. Use
imagination to remake the event. The air of remaking to make things work again if broken.
enervatus Manipulation Air is also called Domination. It is the air that is breathed and can dominate your mind. People use this air to make body switching happen. The mind dominated can make it easy to change to a new owner. This air is not detectable except by the controlled.
aspectus Illusion is the element of stealth air. Use this element to make make people believe in the fact of something being there but not there. This is is truly an amazing element. It is seen as the person believes it is to be. Anything formed with this will be an illusion.
integumentum Cloaking air is the Dark Air. This air will make cloaking of any person or object that the caster desires. The cloak literally drapes in shadow the person or object until they aren't seen. Thus the shadow cloak will last in dark dark places and sheltered areas. Sunlight will disappate it.
incalfalcio Heat is Light Air. This comes from Fire and Air. Heat grants mages a power source. It is the key to staying warm. Finding warmth in the night is to use fire that transfers heat particles to the air. Heaters also deliver warmth. An infusion of heat can enchant an object faster. Using an object in heat will strengthen spells. Casting spells in heat will make the spell stronger. Heat travels on a convection current.
incursio Collision air is Strife Air. This will attack by many means the people around. The attacks include objects. This is the perfect shield that will kill an army and leave the wielder in peace. Collision air is called the strike air.
communio Imitation Air is Sharing air. Use this air to share any property. The properties of any object can be shared by focusing on one item or person and thinking the properties in the other item or person. Thus you can copy the properties of anything.
effectus Additive air is Effects. The air of effect is to make a moment happen When imagined the the effect of choice will appear as the caster wills. When the caster imagines the effect it will make a drawing of energy from the element represented.
redeo Subtractive air is Nothing or Dark Matter. Dark matter supports 98% of the universe and is unseen. The power of Nothing is Dark Matter manipulation. This power will support everything. Call forth a lost memory if the one so desires. This Force is a great storage device of everything lost or destroyed. This force is controlled by belief or Forcecraft.
cedo Indirect Air is Change. With change there are events and moments. The moment of life is change itself. When change is influenced one must be willing to accept the
responsibility if questioned. Thus face applies in which one can lie straight faced. Yet it would still be counted honor. Find a reason for change and the action is not questioned.
dominus Corruption air is the Control Air. This is the power of control by knowledge and
skill gained. It is knowing that you can do things. This control will give you self-esteem of mind. Another name is mastery.
molior Air is the air of displacement. This air can displace any object or person. Imagine
the place to send it to and then imagine the object appearing at that place. This place can be in your hands or any other place.
adduco Air of vision is mind. With the mind comes peace or disruption and panic. This air
can also bring visions as one sees them in the air. These are sometimes called phantasms of the mind. One can be psyched out by the moment of disturbing phantasms. Mind is often used for the impulsive actions in someone else to urge the person on. Use mind to make moments of peace or disruptive panic. Another name is influence. This is a tool of the telepath.
defendo Deflection is the air shield. Air shields act by deflection of any element thrown at
it and remove the damage if any. The air shield makes its use also to prevent projectiles from touching the protected person. Another name is the countershield.
communico Communication is the language air. The act of getting understood by those you speak with. There are two parts of it. Sending and recieving. One sends a message and one recieves it. A medium is always used to send the message and there will be distractions from that message. Making it possible to miss the message. This is also called the speaking element.
muto Inducement air is shift air that makes objects or people phase to another place or form. This air is pure concentrated effect force that works with both induction and introduction forces to create the phase effect. Phasic effect fields are instant shift at someones will or a machines energy manipulation by various ways to various effects. It can displace people or objects to any other place or form cuz of induction or introduction fields. Another effect is to create effect fields in any area or of anything such as images or air conditioning. Another name is inducement force.
caput Mana air is magical source air that can be used for anything of magical purpose. This air supports any magical purpose in which is magick in itself such as a magical rite. This is the true source of power that can strengthen any rite or person to lengthen a persons life infinifetly if possible. It can deter problems from happening as long as possible so it can support in many ways. This is an olden power far older than it seems that comes channeled from the gut thus not to be misused as its a very strong source. Another name is mana source or old power.
candor aero White air is enlightenment air made from white void and air. This is air that enlightens you as you breathe it. This air lets you know intuitively and be able to cope with many things creatively.
Lightning thundora Lightning is the energy destruction form of air is formed by Energy fire and Air. This lightning is destructive as it can blast things in an area.
inanis thundora Black lightning incinerates when it hits a victim. It always hits and it never loses energy. Any energy cast at it only strengthens it and only the worker can dispel the workers attack of black lightning. This lightning comes from space and energy fire.
inversio thundora Focus a inverse lightning effect and you make an attack of a youthening This lightning comes from faery air and energy fire buildup.
defluo You can compress adverse air into adverse lightning and make a person appear as if said person never existed. This lightning comes from Remaking Air and Energy Fire.
fulmeneus Domination lightning makes the victim of the lightning attack formed from this air will become dominated. This is from Domination air and Energy fire.
similtudo The lightning formed from this air will be an illusion. This illusion lightning comes from Illusion and Energy fire.
obscuro The lightning formed from this air will be hidden and kill on sight. It comes from the Cloaking air and Energy fire.
exuro The lightning from this air will form with a lot of heat and strike with deadly force. This lightning comes from heat air and energy fire.
conlido The lightning formed from this air will make quite an impact before it hits. The victim could die by being near it. This lightning is formed from Heat air and Energy fire.
transcribo The imitation lightning air formed will give you the victims attributes as it strikes. This lightning comes from Sharing air and Energy fire.
compello The lightning formed by this air compressed is showy and deadly as its formed from force and compels if not killing. This is lightning formed by Effects air and Energy fire.
cesso The lightning formed from this air by compression will make the person do nothing. It is formed from Nothing air and Energy fire.
demutatio Lightning from air of control is the lightning that will control others by mastering
them. Lightning from this is Control air and Energy fire.
molior multo Lightning from the air of displacement and energy fire is the moment of a dazzling
light and a disappearing person or object. It seems like the person died or the object destroyed. In truth the caster put them somewhere of their own desires.
decursus Lighting of the the vision air is formed from energy fire and mind. This is the
lightning of phantasms and will have the person screaming before it hits. Meaning the strike of the lightning will always hit because the victim or victims will be panicked into not moving. They will see phantasms in the mind.
multus defendo Shield lightning is energy heat plus deflection air and acts as shield against
electrical current plus lightning effects. This lightning has a bluish purple glow.
adfero Message is the language lightning. This lightning is the act of getting a message
understood through distractions. Communication is a part of this and so are the rest of these elements in this group. This lightning will burn to get attention then deliver its impact as its main meaning through various means.
muto multus Phase lightning is heat lightning that allows for people to move outta existence. This lightning is the force which is energy allowing the shift to occur phasing out things from existance. Focused subatomical effect force is represented by this lightning as it builds on an target to causethe phase out.
invidia Blue lightning is mana lightning that can succumb anything to its will plus be undetectable before it hits. Its an energy that strikes with incinerative force or a force that makes the victim succumb to the casters will. Another name is magic lightning and is directed by will.
candor fulgur White lightning is creative destruction lightning of thunder without thunder and is made of white void and an energy charge. This lightning can destroy any machine and cause demons to flee. Hit a person with it and you give them a creativity spurt.
Group effect neuro  Most the elements together be aether. Aether is the element of the mind and is the root of conscious energy. The effect of the aether is to affect or influence other elements. Aether is like allot of the elements together, they make up the gray ness about it as different colors that blend together. When the element is called you can form any object by imagination of it forming or of any effect by the imagination of it. This is its compressed form. 

 To manipulate the aether requires imagination and manifestation of aether with ether, after you understand what it is. This is the key to its manipulation. And to manipulate it by imagination, is to need the idea to occur by seeing the sigil, or to feel it happening. Then, sometimes the knowledge will come to you to do the idea and the deed is done even further. To change the symbol of knowledge in the idea that you receive, will summon a change of it in some manner. This will cause the idea as its represented in the aether to be representative of a change. As its manifested into its compressed form, using the ether to make the aether  manifest into its compressed energy of its form. This symbol changing, may require that you understand what the symbolic meanings are as it is. If you draw the sigil it gives you understanding, that will happen if you don't already know what it means.

 This is to summon the aether to here as for it to effect. As to change the symbol the minute that you see it or you allow it to be the same. You can use a free hand rune or sigil to draw it. To draw the rune or sigil of knowledge, causes it to occur a summons of an aether effect. To add to the symbol that you see and that is which you add to the symbol you decided on, you decide what the meaning is, an after or before. Or, decide what the meaning is of the new rune and then change the symbol of knowledge in your mind to it. To imagine the color forming of the element of aether in the area, then think to it what ya want or just feel its effects will get results as well. Aether may draw on the experience you have, and give you a symbol of what you know as its also glimpsed from the aether after this.

 Aether can influence void. Where aether is the layer that contains all information about the physical, and about people. Its also a source of information and the universal consciousness. Finally aether can influence the other elements and you can sometimes get aether to change the past, to make an effect of the future present. Again, its a source of information and the universal consciousness.

 Aether is referred to by the planes of existence outside, but they are also inside your mind too. As the consciousness works as a portal, you can change it's frequency like a radio to enter these different planes. Then you can think of what is desired and feel it occur, or think of the color and imagine it forming or pulsating into the object or possible event through manipulated elements. The aether is more like a higher layer of encrypted and stored information, and it's usually never changed by the typical individual, not directly. The aether is the roots to what happens in the physical world, and the spiritual worlds too, so it's somewhere on top of it all.

 The aether contains streams and rivers of elemental forces, the spiritual energies of fire air water and earth, and the directions of these rivers and streams indicate the things moving in the world beneath it. But, everything on the aether is made of the same energy, the aether energy, which would be comprising the 5th element. The aether energy takes form of different things as we go there, adapts to our mind to show us symbols so that we can understand what each thing represents.

 The symbolic color of time is gold, and space is silver. There is a golden river of time that is running through the entire aether to indicate that the world is always moving. The aether is also symbolicly the roots of the world tree, Yggdrasil, in germanic mythology. But the world tree is also symbolicly the consciousness we have. We climb the tree to the world of the gods by shifting our conscious frequency, into higher dimensions.

 Their are different symbolic colors of the elements as well, where the symbolic color of fire is red, the symbolic color of air is very light blue or white, the symbolic color of earth is brown and green and the symbolic color of water is blue. The symbolic color of lava is red brown or purple violet, the symbolic color of ice and cold is light blue, amongst others. These colors are in splashes, sometimes together, in the aether.

 The practice and philosophy of those who deal with the aether, is that through knowing the aether you can know the physical world, because you can see the cause for everything that happens in the world by symbols. So one small change in the aether can do great changes in the physical world, if you know how to do it.
animus  Aether's negative element is ether. Ether resides in the etheric and is the spiritual element, or the active element. The etheric is with chaotic and spontanious creation of imagination, and that's where all ideas are first created. Then the idea get's reinforced and goes lower and lower in frequencies such as the astral, to then manifest in the quickest way possible on the physical. Ether is part of the fundamental principle of magic and manifestation in general.

 This is such in which all you do is focus enough and what you imagine happens. Otherwise the more you focus on an idea, the more chance of it happening. Ask the spirits to guide you for better results or feel and think what you want to happen when using ether, to always get the act desired. However where aether responds to your imagination. Ether responds to the mind and thoughts with feeling and is instant. Ether works with you as you desire.
 You can focus the spirits to aid in anything, again for a better result. As, it is with the etheric plane where all our imagination manifests, and where the creation of our lives begin. This includes forming any object. The physical world is inputed as ideas on the ether, that manifest closer and closer to the physical. If the spirits are angered, they won't do anything at all. Always thank them afterwards. Aether is very similar to Ether as it too can influence void.
magicus Magick is the culminative results of the inverse elements and is like Aether and Ether. Magick has the possibility of reaching any place of existence. It can effect any place of existence. It can do anything that you can imagine. It is pure meta energies of the Astral Plane. It guides the rest of the elements. This elements heightens anything its used with.
iniquus Adversity is the effect of all four elements and if one can control adversity one can control life. Adversity is also events that take place. Its effects are everywhere.
maleficus Evil is the total effects of the combined elements and may lead to evil if not controlled. Thus have the effects you want in mind before using it. Then firmly control its power. Only then will not turn into a demon. These elements are also the invisible elements.
subduco Stealth is the combined effects of the four stealth elements. It is the thieves best friend. Use it to best effect for hiding things. One does not want to find themselves caught or sometimes bad things can occur.
caecus Dark is the element of darkness and represents all the Dark elements. Thus it is nightfall that can allow for shadows to exist. When Dark is used it is undetectable and the choice element of magic users.
apricatio Sunlight is the cumulative effects of all the Light Elements. This is the Solar energy that powers the human body. The power of the Sun is that which one can use directly as a power source. Transform into a Sun Dragon and make yourself invincible to attack. Used as an attack the Sunlight can incinerate an attacker.
concertatio Strife is the ultimate element of destruction and the cumulative effect of all the strife elements. It will destroy a victim or object and determine the best method to destroy by itself. Use this as a source and you will find yourself stronger. Assasins make use of strife. Another name is the Strike Element.
imitatio Imitation is the cumulative effect of all the imitation elements. Using these you can perfect the arts of Illusion. This will also save your life when attacked. The hologram is the ultimate illusion.
adigo Additive Forcecraft is the full collaborative effect of all the Additive elements. The effect of Additive is to make effects of Forcecraft. Make any effect visible or invisible with force craft and use all the the other elements with it if you want. Forcecraft will pull the other elements into service.
obliquus Subtractive Forcecraft is the art of subtractive weaving. This is the collaborative
effort of the entire Subtractive Elements. The Subtractive art is a solitary art that will literally bring the weaver to power. Abuse is possible so do not overuse.
turpificatus Indirect is the actions of indirection. This is where the actions are done and never
noticed until its too late. The actions can be caught and changed so its never too late in truth. Another name is wizardry. Wizards are the primary users of indirect actions.
confero Diversity is all the elements in this group altogether. To use the diversity of the
moment will make winning easy. Thieves and Assasins use diversity. Use these to great great effect.
videre Psychic is all the vision group together. This element is the symbol of all that is
vision. Being phychic grants you a gift of always knowing the events without being told.Most scryers, visionaries, investigators are phychic.
cingo Shielding is the group effect of all the shield elements. This is all aspects of
shields that can work for you. The shielding of a person will protect until overcome in some manner.
lingua Language is all the elements in this group put together. Making things understood
between two people or an audience. This is assured as an thing people express for
understanding, This also used for socializing.
classis Hyperforce is the hyper energy forces that allow for most object or people interactivity plus it makes things manipulatable. It has the possibility to be called gravity effects or teleportation plus other things and this is the hyper forces combined to makes the bend in matter occur that effects time.
feritas Wildness is the force of uncontrolled nature that will turn the tide of any battle or make seem the person to be of uncontrolled wildness. This is the force of the wild element altogether and is totally unpredictable as its raw nature force at the hands of wild mages or chaoticists. Only dragons and fey can use this force without problem as they are wild benergy beings.
egredior Ascension, this element causes you to ascend as you use it. Its made up of all the White elements. This is the culmination of all white elements that you can use in a moment.


More Element Combinations

Element Latin spellword Description
Earth elements
  Earth water that is oil, where the oil is formed from bones and earth being heated and compressed. Then, it stays where it is, till it comes up somehow.
  Earth air is gravity, that causes support, by pulling us down.  This is through centrifugal force, of the spinning charged planet core. The nickel iron or heavy element in the planet core, will cause gravity in conjunction through an orbit around a sun. When the sun charges the core, through unseen electromagnetic pulses. The core of the planet holds the moon in orbit around the planet itself. The nickel iron core or other heavy element, will take the particle charge and form gravity from the spinning of the planet. An apple will fall to this force, through cause and effect. This gravity will also allow effects to be spread through a spread mass effect.
  Firey air is normal heat and as the 'fire in air' tornadoes. This heat shares its properties with the Light air element. Where, heat moves in waves and patterns that cause the effect of fire, if intense enough, or rain, if intense long enough. However if the air pattern is circular, then their is possibility of fire tornadoes, where the heat is so high it appears, as fire. This is where heat is enough in concentrated form, and fire will appear.
  Water earth, mixed together is mud, flows as a force, enmassed free from solid earth constraints. it slippery, walk on and to touch. finally, mud be soiid looking, in the quicksand pit. where, can sink till you suffocate.
aerus taurus
  Air with earth is blown or dirt devils and can come in the form of flying debrees.
Inverse Faery Elements
inversio trapetus
  Faery earth water magical healing cleanse oil. this of magic oil is the type that heals cleanses an area. not just yourself. it can form on intent and idea spoken about it.
inversio severitudo
  Inverted faery earth air metainfluence gravity. gravity influence, of what be desired by intent. all one needs is focus their will desire through intent and the influence or magic meta, to make occurance easier.
inversio aestus
  Firey faery air be fire meta heat. this where focus your will through intent heat up, near and away from you. as you influence things to become existant, the area is with a blue glow, too.
inversio luteus
  Faery water inverted earth is a type of mud that be considered healing and cleansing, as it causes magic.
inversio aerus taurus
  Faery water inverted air is healing cleanse influence. this combination be whatever you want to be, in influencing idea as it cures heals and cleanses.
Adversity Elements
iniquus trapetus
  Adverse make pass-through absorption oil. this earth water combo, makes oil that to pass things and absorb nearly anything you d desire. it also allows a passing through of others absorption.
iniquus severitudo
  Adverse earth adverse air makes pass-thru gravity, where it can cause you another, to pass through energy and do a remaking events or idea, in presence of the gravity.
iniquus aestus
  Firey adverse air be heat. this is the heat causes change and remaking of things that it affects.
iniquus luteus
  Adverse water and adverse earth makes that causes absorption of a pass-through effect. this mud spread everywhere, where anything near it can feel grainy, suddenly.
Manipulation Elements
maleficus trapetus
  Manipulation earth water is charm control oil. Its seeming as to control charms by suggestion, this oil allows it. Spread about, it makes the charm easy to control and dissipate.
maleficus severitudo
 Manipulation earth air is a charm of domination. This is a lesser form of domination charm, can make charming of another, to dominate them by earth, is some degree.
maleficus aestus
 Firey manipulation air is considered Mutation Domination heat. This heat allows mutation domination and control, by thinking of the idea and the person.
maleficus luteus
 Mutation water and mutation earth is control charm mud. This mud allows you to control a charm, with suggestion and spoken words.
enervatus modicatus
 Manipulation air with manipulation earth is a domination air charm. The domination charm that is greater in effect that the charm of domination. Where, it makes control of another by domination with air charming.
Stealth Elements
subduco trapetus
 Stealth earth water that is concealment stealth oil. This oil will make concealed stealth easy.
subduco severitudo
 Stealth earth air is concealment illusion gravity. This type of gravity is generated by the self, and will cause concealment of illusions, in the area.
subduco aestus
 Firey Stealth air is cloning illusion heat. This heat be with the effect of cloning an illusion that be near the heat.
subduco luteus
 Stealth water and stealth earth is draining concealment mud. This mud thats applied or flowing in an area, will cause an effect of draining a concealment. So you will see the area, much more clearly.
aspectus occultatio
 Stealth air with stealth earth is illusion concealment. This is the air effect of illusion concealment.
Dark Elements
caecus trapetus
 Dark earth water is shadow substance oil. This oil will become very unique, as it ages, for once formed, it can cause corruption and empathy. This be the substance of shadows, where it is in oil formation. It starts out, by being spread and it causes ability to appear, along with some dark suggestions that come from nowhere.
caecus severitudo
 Dark earth air is shadow cloaking gravity. Similar to the stealth earth element, it seems to use gravity to cause shadows for cloaking people and things.
caecus aestus
 Firey dark air is restorative cloaking heat and is as the effect is suggested. This heat will cloak the person or thing in a restoring substance, that acts in an area when darkness is there.
caecus luteus
 Dark water and dark earth make substance shadow mud. As it dries, it does the same as shadow substance oil, except its not oily, there's muddy shadow substance instead.
integumentum solidus
 Dark air with dark earth is cloaking shadow substance. It forms where you intend and focus it to exist, and causes cloaking through dark air and shadow substance through dark earth.
Light Elements
aprecatio trapetus
 Light earth water is life positive oil, wherever this oil is, theres a life positive attitude and positive energy, that is there as a source.
aprecatio severitudo
 Light earth air is life heat gravity, that is self generated and spreads the heat of life.
aprecatio aestus
 Firey light air is light heat. This is the heat of the light that be near and is in the area.
aprecatio luteus
 Light water and light earth is positive life mud. This mud causes you to tink of positive life idea and do positive actions.
incalfacio generus
 Air with earth is heated life energy. This is the arguement energy that can cause arguements of many sorts.
Strife Elements
concertatio trapetus
 Strife earth water that is chaotic abuse oil. This oil spreads and causes a chaotic activity thats abusive. To be avoided, if you can.
concertatio severitudo
 Strife earth air is chaotic collisive gravity. The gravity of this self generated type, be to cause chaotic and impulsive collisions.
concertatio aestus
 Firey strife air is destructive collision heat and it can make any destruction from a collision.
concertatio luteus
 Strife water and strife earth is a abusive chaos mud. This mud be spread and is generated from the self action. Its made on intent and idea to be done and then formed as a muddy action. Its interesting and to be avoided as it causes abusive chaos.
incursio chao
 Strife air with strife earth is collisive chaotic war. This is sometimes unavoidable, but it is very bad to get caught in this wind.
Imitation Elements
imitatio trapetus  Imitation earth water that is power mirroring oil. The oil that is spread about and becomes able to mirror powers that are in the area and becomes a shadow of that power.
imitatio severitudo  Imitation earth air is power sharing gravity. This gravity can be safely generated using a magical object. As, it shares its gravity of idea and whatever power is placed in the object.
imitatio aestus  Firey imitation air is copying sharing heat energy. This element will cause a copying and sharing heat thats energy based and hard to dispel.
imitatio luteus  Imitation water and imitation earth is mirroring power mud. This mud, once created, will mirror a power and make what is coated in it, to be be like the power that be.
communio efficio
 Imitation air with imitation earth is sharing power energy. This is like the power sharing gravity, except it does things oppositely, as this element first shares and then causes power to be shared by an air-like effect.
Additive Elements
adigo trapetus  Additive earth water that is glamour adaptation oil. The oil, that once spread, will cause a glamour adaptation and this will change the glamour. To, whatever you would like it to be adapted to.
adigo severitudo  Additive earth air is glamour effects gravity. This is self generated gravity that causes the lamour effects, as though it were done, by the mind and withought you knowing.
adigo aestus  Firey additive air is energy effects heat. This heat be the energy effects source, when there is heat, the effect can come about more easily.
adigo luteus  Additive water and additive earth is adaptation glamour mud. The mud spreads itself about and causes an adaptation to the glamour effect, thats whatever is spoken and thought on and near it. 
effectus appono
 Additive air with additive earth is the effects of glamour energy. This element combination represents the effects that glamour energy casts about. Whatever they be. 
Subtractive Elements
malus trapetus  Subtractive earth water is unseen undoing oil. This be the oil that causes an  unseen undoing of actions and events.
malus severitudo  Subtractive earth air is undoing dark matter gravity. this be the gravity of dark matter thats undoing whatever is near.
malus aestus  Firey subtractive air is reverse nothing heat. This be the reversing of events and by a seeming nothingness heat.
malus luteus Subtractive water and subtractive earth is undoing unseen mud. This mud is enchanted by the idea thought to it, of 'undoing the unseen'. It is spread about or allowed to spread, and it undoes the unseen to you actions.
redeo fabricatio
Subtractive air with subtractive earth is dark matter undoing energy. This is the energy of the darkmatter and is similar to void energy. It causes an undoing of events by it effecting or affecting the area.
Indirect Elements
obliquus trapetus
 Indirect earth water that is antimagic death oil. This oil be the cause of antimagic death effects where its applied. As it can be an applied direct force.
obliquus severitudo
 Indirect earth air is antimagic change gravity. This gravity be caused by the antimagic changing the nature of the item or person. The effect on a person is to be more stronger and yet slightly deteriorated.
obliquus aestus
 Firey indirect air is time change heat. This heat causes a time change effect, of whatever you think of, in the area you placed the energy type element.
obliquus luteus
 Indirect water and indirect earth is death antimagic mud. This mud can cause the death of something its on, and thats by antimagic influence.
cedo ferreus
 Indirect air with indirect earth is change antimagic energy. The energy itself can suddenly cause change in an essence of nearby people or things, through antimagic.
Corruption Elements
turpificatus trapetus
 Corruption earth water is knowledge corruption oil. Spread this oil, using whatever means you intend to be effective. And, most knowledge that a person has, who's in the area of the oil, or even has it on. Will be corrupted.
turpificatus severitudo
 Corruption earth air is knowledge control gravity. This is the gravity of knowledge control, to cause knowledge control, you get this gravity around you.
turpificatus aestus
 Firey corruption air is greed control heat. This heat causes the control of greediness and idea. Where, it is noticed and looked for. This element doesn't effect unnoticeable things, unless its in energy form.
turpificatus luteus
 Corruption water and corruption earth is corruption knowledge mud. This mud be spread and is able to cause corruption through knowledge being told near it. The influence is the key and the vibration of the words are the turning of the key.
dominus cognitio
 Corruption air with corruption earth is control knowledge. This is knowledge that can be example or statements and its designed to control.
Divertive Elements
confero trapetus
 Diversive earth water is aversion distraction oil. This oil be on use, to cause aversion distraction. It can make aversion and sometimetimes distraction of the people who be near the element.
confero severitudo
 Diversive earth air is aversion displacement gravity. This gravity causes aversion to events and displacement of idea or actions. By the idea of what you want, you can direct the element.
confero aestus
 Firey diversive air is aversion diversion heat. This is the heat of an event, that causes aversion to events and diversion to the facts and idea presented.
confero luteus
 Diversive water and diversive earth is distraction aversion mud. This is a mud created by actions. It causes distraction and aversion, to the moment and by people being near it.
molior declino
 Diversive air with diversive earth is displacement aversion energy. This be the energy of the earth that causes displacement and some aversion, to the moment of the the displacement.
Vision Elements
visio trapetus
 Vision earth water is third eye sight oil. This oil causes your third eye to be sightful. Rub it near your third eye and on your forehead, to get effect. It may be invisible, to the eye especially. But, by imagining the oil being spread, will cause the spreading.
visio severitudo
 Vision earth air is third eye mind gravity. This gravity can be caused by the intent usage, and the third eye making the intent real. Where its to cause mental gravity and importance, on things.
visio aestus
 Firey vision air is vision of the mind heat. This heat causes the vision to appear in your mind, of the things nearby, that you would want to cause a person to see. It is summoned by the third eye.
visio luteus
 Vision water and vision earth is sight of the third eye mud. Basically, this element energy type will be a part of the mud suddenly, and where it spreads is likely to cause sight of the third eye, on thinking of the area.
adduco impetus
 Vision air with vision earth is third eye mind energy. This is a combination, of elemental energy types, that makes energy and this energy makes the third eye cause mental events, to be real enough.
Protection Elements
cingo trapetus
 Protection earth water is shield prevention oil. This oil acts as a shield of prevention to that which its placed.
cingo severitudo
 Protection earth air is shield deflection gravity. This element energy type causes gravity by actions that make up a shield deflection.
cingo aestus
 Firey protection air is protection deflection heat. This is the heat that causes a protection motion to deflect the momentary element.
cingo luteus
 Protection water and protection earth is prevention shield mud. This enchanted mud will cause the state of prevention by protection. In and of things and people.
defendo ancile
 Protection air with protection earth is deflection shield energy. This energy protects by causing an energy that starts of the aura and is by the soul. The protection is formed into a deflective shield.
Language Elements
lingua trapetus
 Language earth water is the understanding translation oil. This be the oil that is spread by imagination and thought provoking. The idea is what rules this and the moment be what details the action, for understanding the trtanslation of events and words.
lingua severitudo
 Language earth air is understanding communication gravity. This be the gravity of the moment, thats brought about by actions. And, the gravity of the understatement. By, understanding the communication, of the moment. Good use of the gravity, can draw attention to things and then the things can be spoken about.
lingua aestus
 Firey language air is projection communication heat. Also known as fighting, where fighting is one step farther than arguing. This figurative element uses projection as communication and the words projected, themselves.
lingua luteus
 Language water and language earth is translation understanding mud. This is a energy type of mud, that is making your mind or anyone near the mud, able to translate and understand.
communico accipio
 Language air with language earth is communication understanding energy. This mix of the figurative elements, makes use of energy, for understanding by communication. Where the energy of the moment brings the understanding.
Hyper Elements
classis trapetus
 Hyper earth water is inductive introductive oil. Where, you get the pull and push of inductiveness with introduction of energy, by action. As in a suddenly more energetic item or idea being spoken on. This includes better output of effort and effect.
classis severitudo
 Hyper earth air is inductive inducement gravity. This be the gravity that pushes and pulls on will and triggering a shift effect. By enough activity giving the phase shift energy.
classis aestus
 Firey hyper air is hyper inducement heat. This be where there is a upping of energy and a phase shift, to a farther away place or somewhere.
classis luteus
 Hyper water and hyper earth is introductive inductive mud. This mud is enchanted, by an introductive inductive effect. Its spread to an area or placed on someone, and it causes a pull and push to become phasing, of object or people. Sometimes on will.
muto vacuus
 Hyper air with hyper earth is inducement inductive energy. This be energy generated by usage, of two figurative element energy types. To cause the effect, of phase shifting by the push and pull, of something or someone.
Wild Elements
feritas trapetus
 Wild earth water is wild energy channel oil. This be an idea energy, starting out, that induces a thought which makes a wild energy surge channeled to some place.
feritas severitudo
 Wild earth air is wild energy mana gravity. The gravity that starts out as a mental creation. Then becomes something, from wild energy and mana being focused by your intent and will. The intented will can be expressed. At first, the effect is to kill the action, then the actions build up the wild energy, to create the effect. As though it were a gravity, for the right actions.
feritas aestus
 Firey wild air is devour mana heat. This heat energy type, be to cause devouring by mana and heat is generated, from the activity. This can drive you insane, if gone too much in working with it, or if your effected by it.
feritas luteus
 Wild water and wild earth is channelling wild energy mud. This created mud from enchantment, be from channeling wild energy, for the effect of placing the mud and getting a powerful, but somewhat unpredictable effect. The general intent is what be done, most times. If too much stress and wild energy, then you could go crazy.
caput indomitus
 Wild air with wild earth is mana wild energy. This be the energy of deferrment. Where the actions you do, causes the energy and by what you do in deferrment, can you direct it. Otherwise, its somewhat interesting to control it. As it refuses direct control, it becomes hard to be within control. Be within becomes be without things and idea and you lose energy.
White Elements
candor amurcae
 White oil is White earth water that improves and refreshes. Squeezed plants and things can emulate this oil. This is where essential oils improve things as they work.
candor severitas
 White earth air is white gravity that is made of white void and earth air. This is improving things as it enlightens the mind. This is the gravity that makes the aura be able to enlighten people as you get near them.
candor empyrus aero
 White firey air is Faith enlightment in activity, this is pretty to see but isn't really useful except to help your faith in things to come.
candor lutum
 White mud is white void with water and earth, this mud can make holy anything by improving it.
candor aero taura
 White air earth is enlightening improvement that is made of white void and air with earth. This makes it so that you improve yourself as you enlighten off of it.


Element Latin spellword Description
Elemental interaction cosmio Cosmeria is the general conjoining of Ether and Aether into Akasha or united
spirit (Animus) and mind (Nuero), it defines the wholeness of the universe and is the
giant container. Ether and Aether act as messangers and gain divided power, they also act as the rules and boundaries for the universe. Basically Akasha also has the attributes from both Ether and Aether making gray matter that is imprintable only once and it forms in any shape the wielder wants plus invisible at first. It transcends dimensions and is reality itself. This gray substance, Akasha, is usually impossible to wield but with the third eye and imagination you can wield it. With Akasha you can make anything work for you or do things. Its the strongest boost for any spell.If you tamper with this element, would be tampering with the fabrics of Reality. This may not be safe for those who do not look ahead to consider all possible consequences.
cosmio turpificatus There exists a negative form of it known as Corrupt Cosmeria or Corrupt Akasha,
its very existance is shrouded in mystery, but it has the ability to deform space and time, corrupting anything in its way to the will of the person. It forms a addictive unseen substance called corrupt red matter that is used by demonkind mostly.Something forged of this substance has the ability to slice through the boundaries of reality while immuring the wielder to addictive substance giving a good feeling to the person all the time of use. Yet again this substance is normally considered unwieldable unless wielded thru chaos or void to corrupt the person in a general direction and is always imprintable with no actual form.

As for Infini, every living thing contains it, obviously. When something is used, Infini is acted as the fuel, though Infini is actually not consumed. Everything is thought, including Cosmeria or the energy to create by the creator. That was derived from Infini as your energy is not what it is so your better in feel. You could think of Infini so you don't need a drink or no liquor, as the light that hits a prism before it divides into seperate colors light by idea or not usable as you feel area energy to use by the true planet energy.

See and because use if this you'd need enough power or energy, that is not to force the seperate colored lights (elements) back through the prism to attain and control Infini by spheres. A feat that has thus far been unaccomplishable. There have been some cases of people all of a sudden encompassed in a golden light. Everywhere they look is goldent, though this doesn't last long it's a wonderful feeling. This is the closest (in my opinion) that man has ever gotten to infini.

I know there are several types of infini with different colors other than Golden. I just know the brown Earth one of shit and stuff power, the golden one that's Fire, and the blue, water one of lightning like watery butanol flame. And now that Ice/Air is clear or menace of psychic wave with a white/pale blue and (forget what one that comes from) freezes of liquid nitrogen works like light or an addictive substance known as drugged item, as to just call it an inverted item is a truth, or spirit manipulation of grey, And that void is black devoid of most effect except for what is manifest of death and gaseous states..The voidal infini one is not reccomended to do, nor is the normal void sight because it can drive you insane and the water/ice one is addictive.

universa Universal be Void and Wild earth plus this force is very strong as it construes two
earth forces together. When this happens it triples the outcome result plus this force makes it use negative with raw energy. The effect is obvious when using this power cuz it gets instant result with no indication except area power drain depending on the spell strength.. The result for even a little of this power can be limitless effect plus its unseen till the caster wants it to be. Another name is negative wild magic and this power gives power to the wishes of people plus its limitless. It makes for the underlying energy support for the universe itself.
magicus neuro Inverse Aether is also called Faery Aether. Intuitive magick works by imagination.
This magic is the magic of high magic. Guide the positive and magical energies with it.
magicus animus Inverse Ether is called Faery Ether. This magick is used by feeling for the effect
sought. This is the magick of empathists. Empathic people can use this easily. This guides
magick and spirits.
magicus cosmio Inverse Akasha is the forces of the Aether, Another name is Faery Akasha. Ether
and Magick combined. This force is the universal energy that is the meta energy backbone.
You can can do anything with it through imagination.
magicus iniquus Inverse Adversity is the forces of adversity and inversity. Another name is Faery
Adverse. This force will allow manipulation of both inverse and adverse elements. Use
imagination and feeling to manipulation.
iniquus cosmio Adverse Akasha is the forces of Aether, Ether and Adversity. Control all three with
the calling of this force.
magicus iniquus cosmio Adverse Inverse Akasha is the forces of Aether, Ether, Adversity and Inversity.
Control all four with focused mind and imagination.
inanis pyro Absorbtion black fire is the forces of Void and Inverted Fire. This black fire is
lethal as it will absorb all energies around it while it is in existance.
inversio pyro Black fire change is Void and Adverted Fire. This black fire is the incineration
fire that will morph a person while it kills them..
inanis mutus Black fire mutation is Mutation fire and Void. This black fire will mutate the body
and then kill the person leaving nothing behind. It will also mutate other things around it.
inanis simulo Black fire cloning is the Cloning fire and Void. This fire will clone itself and
strike simultaneously from all sides incinerating the victim.
inanis reductio Dark restorative black fire is Dark Flame and Void. What this fire does is to make
incineration and restores dark people and creatures.
inanis elevo Light Black fire is Light fire and Void. This black fire will cast a killing light
while it incinerates the victim. The light will kill those near it.
inanis disturbatio Destructive black fire is Destruction and Void. This black fire will incinerate the
target and those around the target. This fire is vastly improved over the normal black fire.
inanis descriptio Copy black fire is Copy and Void. Fire that will take out its victim while giving
the caster the victims energies.
inanis appono multus Energy Black Fire is the forces of Energy and Void. Fire of this attack will
incinerate the person with increased energy potential. Making it possible to kill everything
in the area.
inanis retexo Erasing black fire is the forces of Undoing and Void. The fire of this attack will
incinerate the person erasing the existence entire of the victim.
inanis aevus Time black fire is the black fire formed from time and void. This black fire will
move through subspace and hit with lethal intensity. Thus the time it hits the target is the
same moment its formed..
inanis avidus
Corruption of black fire is the fire formed from Greed and Void. This fire will
attack anyone corrupt. It will make a mockery of the persons feelings and pass off anything of importance to the attacker. The attacker will end up with power and the victim will be killed by guilt. This is the most subtle black fire in existence. The fire it produces will spread to others and produce shame in the end. There is no heat to this flame.
inanis avocatio The black fire of diversity is formed of diversion and void. It will mislead the
people around it into not seeing it but the victim will die unknown and incinerated.
inanis visus Vision black fire will make the person see ones death before it hits. Effectively
killing the person because by the time it hits, the victim will be paralyzed already
thinking they were dead.
inanis commendo Protection black fire protects the person while it destroys the power of the attacker as if the ability did not exist in them by a black fire backlash..
inanis avis Language black fire is the death projection. This black fire will project death to
the person before it strikes. Making doom felt before it hits because they will want to be dead, before it happens.
inanis traiectio Hyper black fire is subatomical death. This be the black fire that destroys through instant desolvation of the target as if it didnt exist before. Another name is instant death yet death itself can easily be turned with this.
inanis flamma Devour black fire has possibility of enveloping death fire. This fire will devour from without to within causing death to the targets thought on at time of casting. Plus a use can be of destroying energy from without. Another name could be enveloping death.
inanis inversio cyro Strengthened black ice is the forces of Void on Inverted Ice. This black ice has
greater absorbing capacity. It will heal on touch instead incineration.
inanis potus abfabricatio Remaking absorbing black ice is the forces of Void and Adverted Ice. When in existence it will remake anything around it. It will absorb at a higher capacity then black ice.
inanis moderatus enervatus Controlled Domination Black Ice is black ice with Control and Domination. Use this
ice to control and dominate the victims. This ice can also if used as an attack to
incinerate the victims. It forms, on an unstable moment.
inanis exhaurio aspectus Removing illusions black ice is Draining, Illusion and Void. Use this black ice to
dispel any illusions and illness. The attack form of this ice will cut through illusions and
incinerate the victim.
inanis solidus integumentum Cloaking substance black ice is Cloaking, Substance and Void. Use this black ice to make an unseen attack that kills with incineration. Summon this black ice to make an invisible black ice column.
inanis facio incalfacio Positive heat black ice is Positive, Heat and Void. The effect of this ice is to
reinforce positive and make a warm area affect. This is not for attack.
inanis imago communio Abusive Collision Black Ice is Abuse water, Collision Air and Void. Making this ice
will cause death by abusive influence and psychic punches. Summoning it is even more funner because on summoning it clears negativity from the area. Summon this as a defense.
inanis comformo efficio Mirroring Sharing Black Ice is the Imitation black ice. This black ice will mirror
the the attacks back to the attacker. It will also make sharing of their abilities to you.
It makes an excellent shield.
inanis comformo efficio Adaptive Effects Black Ice is Adaptation water, Effects air and Void. This black ice is the effects of making the person adapt by accepting whatever the caster wants the person to accept It kills if used in an attack by a caster. The victim never realizes that death occurs. Incineration is that death. A shield of this black ice is perfect.
inanis fabricatio redeo Making black ice is Undoing water, Nothing Air and Void. This black ice will by the
caster make any event happen unseen. It is not meant for direct attack.
inanis necro cedo Death change black ice is the black ice that will make death occur in some manner. Thus the black ice of death change is very powerful as it can can be a great defense. If used as the attack it will decimate the victim. Often, in an unstable moment, where it unstabilizes a person.
inanis attento dominus Corruption black ice is twisted desire and control. It only leads to disaster and
disruption of the mind and family. This ice is self contained and only affects those who are willing. The rewards are great and the balance in the mind must be kept Sanity is kept if balance is maintained. Its existence is completely hidden, as its only found, as for what it is not. Even if the person is aware of it, it will always control no matter the circumstance.

Once called into existence, a sacrifice can only get rid of its effects and, of any sort. Unsummoned, its effects are completely erased, as if it never happened. A person of complete calm will never be effected. Its not detectable by any means. It can steal any knowledge, for the summoner.
inanis distineo molior Distractive Displacement black ice will displace anyone or anything that the caster
wills. If left on its own it will make anything displaced. One cannot find this ice as it
has no form in the prime material realm. But one can hear it as its true form is displaced
in its own spacial pocket. It continuously reforms itself.
inanis conspectus visus Mind sight black ice will grant people visions and store spells. It will also store
visions. Thus the form of this black ice is a vision only. One will not hear it as its
disguised by visions it makes the person perceive.
inanis anteverto defendo Protection black ice absorbs without being seen as though the damage never happened
being that it was absorbed to feed the blace ice itself. This will also weaken the
weapon that tries to attack it.
inanis transfero Removal black ice will remove the message in the air to make obstacles dissappear
and messages not heard. This black ice removes unwanted things and can act as a filter. This ice unseen but felt.
inanis deicio Phase black ice will make people disappear within a certain distance as it will take thier life force to do so and on success make the person disappear. Also it can make other things including memory to the same effect. One can't detail theblack ice itself but its effects are felt. This black ice has a cloaking effect for the object at the callers will.
inanis derivo Infinite channel black ice allows for the person to use a little energy to create any number of results that the person chooses. A mere focus with this element will cause effect with an imagined scene. This is imagination magic an sustains itself as long as possible.
inanis neuro The space of the mind is where people make mental constructs. Void and Aether make
this space. This is also called Aerth or Aether space. People can range infinitly in this
space. The time variance is 10 years there and 1 millisecond here. Thus test your ideas out there. This is your personal space and each person has there own space.
inanis animus Ether Space is the soul space and is where people go when they die. Void and Spirit
make this space up. This is a place of pure emotion and thoughts. One happens amongst a dimensional pocket and then gets reborn. One can also build spiritual constructs in this
inanis inversio aero Breathable space is Void and Inverted Air. This is the space that you can breath.
Travel through space in a shield made of this. In a limited air area use this element. There
is a heightened sense of space.
inanis abfabricatio Remaking space is Void and Adverted Air. Remaking space is used by pre-scientific
people. This space has no existence except for moments. Use this by trained focus.
inanis enervatus Domination Space is Domination and Void. Enter into this space and your mind will be
dominated by an invisible force. Which will ensue control of the victim until they leave
the space. It is also used by body jumpers.
inanis aspectus Strife Space is the spaces of strike and strife. This space will kill you in
instances. Use this space as the trap space that cannot be escaped.
inanis incalfacio Heat Space is the space of heat. When the visitor enters they will be warmed and
renergized immediately. Thus they never need to eat there and the person can receive
inanis incursio Chaos space is the hidden space that chaos beings live in. Thus chaos runs as the
law there. The chaos is the ultimate force there as well. Trust not what you see.
inanis communio Illusion Space is Illusion and Space. This is the space of pure illusions. One only
has to enter and it gives the Vision which suits to the needs of the visitor the best. One
almost never wants to leave. Be wary of people who use vision magic as they can usurp
control if allowed to.
inanis integumentum Shadow Space is the space of shadows and dark magic. Enter warily as the shadows can lie. One can be usurped by the merest spell from the shadows.
inanis communio Sharing Space is Sharing and Void. Enter this space and pull in from other spaces of
existence materials or objects that can copied. The copying will be a sharing of one object to another.
inanis multus Energy Space is Energy air and Void. Enter this space and you will be energized in
seconds. Attack from this space and you will never run out of energy.
inanis redeo Making Space is the Nothing air and Void. This is also Nothing space and is the
space of dark matter. Imagine there as its only concepts and most likely to happen. Nothing space is good as a storage for anything lost or broken.
inanis cedo Reverse space is the space of indirections. This is Change and Void. Reverse space
is always going backwards. When on entry the space will preserve your age and time will
stop. Then a slow unaging will happen. Thus do whatever necessary and then do things there. When leaving you will be unaged slightly.
inanis dominus Corruption space is called the book world. This place is entirely of books in a
library and money of any sort. Find any type of money transaction in the book world. The dimensional traders live there and so do the dimensional bounty hunters. Everyone is a psi master of some degree in that space.
inanis molior Avertive space is the space of prevention. This made from Void and displacement.
This space prevents anything from ever happening. If one does an action its undone at some point in time. The other name is counter space for in truth everything done there is
countered. This space is also the space of displaced objects or people.
inanis adduco Vision space is the space of visions. One can see anything they would like here. The
visions come however the person wants. What one expects will be seen. People who are
negative will only see negative. People who are positive will see positive.
inanis communico Language space is the space of which languages exist and are understood by all. The
space of languages is also used for study in languages to understand them. Just focus on the name of the language and you will hear it.
inanis muto Inducement space is a space that can be used to call into existance most anything the person desires. This space tends to make a good business area as you dun need to pay for it unless you want to. Now the other aspect is it may grant you visions at will.so you could spy unnoticed on people. Hyperspace is another name as this space also reflects a hyper reality where time is nonexistant and people or ships of many sort can jump to other places by will or engines.
inanis caput Mana space is the space of the source of mana as it looks like a endless lake and a shore all in blackness. Enter this space for instant recharge of life and restoring abilities. However, just think on the effect to gain the event as you might feel like a god dun abuse it.
candor dein White space is literally the space of beauty and developement. It makes life worth seeing as you visit the white space. Its literally the beautiful version of the world on its own.
inanis aero pyro
Space and fire make plasma. Plasma can melt anything and typically burns at 700
degrees kelvin or hotter.
inanis aero commutatus Absorbing plasma is Space and Inverted Fire. This plasma which burns at the
temperature of which the caster desires can absorb the energy around it to keep on going. It can melt anything.
inanis aero mutus Morphing plasma is Space and Change. This plasma will burn at 800 kelvin. It will morph anything while it melts the surroundings.
inanis aero reductio Mutating plasma is Evil and Space. The mutation plasma is for effecting object and people only. It won't mutate unless the wielder wills it. Otherwise it will melt everything near it.
inanis aero exhaurio Draining energy plasma is Draining Water and Space. The plasma is very deadly as it will drain the victim first. Then give it to the caster while killing the victim. It burns at what the person wills it to be burning at. This plasma can only be summoned.
inanis aero reductio Dark Restorative Plasma is Restorative Flame and Void. Use of this plasma is in essence only and will give life to dark peoples. It will raise dead and make them shadows. It gives permanent strength to the wielder. There is always a seductive pull to this plasma as it pulls the person down into the soul. The person must have control of influences around said person. This plasma has no heat and resides on the plane of shadows.
inanis aero elevo Light plasma is the plasma of heat. Use this to heal or raise someone with heat emanations. This is used for warmth as well. This plasma has no true form except for essence. It is up to the caster to what temperature it is. This lava felt.
inanis aero disturbatio
Destruction plasma is plasma that will kill more effeciently and will burn at 1000 degrees kelvin. This can melt a small chunk of land. Throw this a an foe and it will kill several more people.
inanis aero descriptio Copying plasma is the plasma that will copy the attributes of the victim as it kills the victim. This burns at 700 degrees kelvin.
inanis aero multus Energy plasma is the supernova plasma that melts half a planet. 1500 degrees kelvin is its temperature.
inanis aero retexo Erasing plasma is the plasma that will erase the existence of everything around it including the victim from the heat emanation. It burns at 600 degrees kelvin.
inanis aero aevus Timed plasma is the plasma that will time itself to the target and attempt to kill the victim while time seems to stand still for it. Make a note. do not be the target or it could be fatal.
inanis aero avidus Corruption plasma is the corruption of greed and space. The corruption plasma is the type of plasma that will kill by desires of greed. Its temperature can be any temperature of the casters desire. The caster will make the desire be amplified in the victims which are melted from within. The hotter the plasma, the more disaster by desire.
inanis aero avocatio Misleading Plasma is Diversive Fire and Space. This plasma will destroy people around it and the victim as well. While misleading them into thinking the attack is not aimed at them it will melt them into death.
inanis aero visus Vision plasma will kill on sight as it is made from Vision fire and Space. The visions it sends will be phantasms of death. Freezing the victims while it melts them if they are too near the 1000 dergress kelvin heat.
inanis aero commendo Plasma language will kill by you hearing hot or bad language. Distracting you to be melted by the plasma to death. This plasma puts nasty sounding words in your mind. Everything you hear will be a probable bad word. Another name is cursing.
inanis aero traiectio Subatomic plasma is the plasma that is felt but not seen as it burns at 1200 degree kelvin. It can melt even the most hardest metal or mineral in its path. It can only exist at calling it so it will melt anything at the persons desire.
inanis aero flamma

Devour plasma is the plasma type that will melt objects from the outside in and this includes people. This plasma is most likely to occur at the will of the caster plus at 1000 degrees kelvin making it unpredictable results except to be certain of melting things in its path.

candor inanis sol

White plasma is the plasma that is of the sun and white void. This white plasma makes anything better and it increases stamina with the body energy going up. This can increase the heat level dramatically.

inanis aero visus There is mental time which comes from Aether and Time. This is the time where your mind controls the moments. People plan in this time.
inanis aevus Reversed time is from Void and Time. The effect of both is the reversal of time events. When this happens you can remove age. Confuse your enemies. Make spells disappear or use it as a shield to be unkillable as the damages just disappears.
animus aevus There is soul time which is the time of spirits. This time is where the spirits do what they please and all other time is frozen. The spirits control this time.
inversio aevus Magical time is from Magic and Time. This time goes forward yet stands still. This is the time of the faeries. Many things can be done in this time compared to normal time. Plus it lengthens the lifetime.
iniquus aevus Moment time is Adversity and Time. This time is the time of moments. It stands still until a moment happens. When that moment happens, it occurs as quick as you want or an eye blink.
maleficus aevus Manipulated time is the time of which you manipulate everything and it happens your way. All you need is imagination and then watch it occur during the day. Use complete scenes.
subduco aevus Concealed time is the time of which you are not seen yet the time goes normal. The time of which you can walk unseen and everyone averts their eyes. This is the thieves time.
caecus aevus Dark restorative time is the time that stands still and the shadows, liches, shades, wraithes, dark mages and other dark creatures heal completely.
aprecatio aevus Positive time is the time of healing as it heals perfectly as time goes at the rate wanted. This aids regeneration.
concertatio aevus Chaotic time is the unlimited time of no time at all whereas everything stands still. Thus this time is outside of time and only found in the chaos realm, as things that work in it will form as you want.
imitatio aevus Sharing time is the time where you find no time and only in the sharing space. This time will move 1/10 normal time.
adigo aevus Adaptive time is the time of which you adapt to a circumstance but afterwards time goes normal again. While adapting time does not move.
infinitio Infinity time is the power of the space, mind and spirit. It is also subtractive in nature. The power of infinity is stillness. This means that it is an entropy effect. You can use entropy to slow down anything. To make yourself untouched by any effect. You can work to extend spells to infinity. you can extend the effects of anything.
turpificatus aevus Corruption time is the time of books. Read a book or see a movie and you live in
that time as it happened. One cannot change the story in any way or the dimensional police will correct it. If not that, then natural energy will do the exact same thing to that one when the person returns. Thus balance is kept. Do nothing bad in other worlds or bad will happen to the person in their world.
confero aevus Diversity time is the time of distractions. This is the time that the caster can use to make use of escape. This is the time of distraction moments. Thieves and assasins use this time effeciently.
visio aevus Vision time is the time of vision manipulations. Make visions here for all or whomever the target is to see. The visions can be perfect or not but they will be believed. The only way to tell the false vision is a slight droning sound in the background. There are ways to hide the drone.
cingo aevus Protection time is the time of protection and when evoked it will make the wielder
unhurtable plus some actions not otherwise possible. This is an excellent time shield
lingua aevus Language time is the time of messages. Say a message of any sort except derogatory and you find no time passes and its instantly heard. If derogatory then it might get a nasty response.
classis aevus Hyperforce time is the time of relative actions that one lives thru as they do things. Most the rules of physics are possible to make happen at which people or objects can move at the speed of light. Gravity can be adverted or made to happen to the willer necessity. Physics time is another name.
feritas aevus Wild time is the time of dimension as it will make use of any time the wielder wants. and allow access to any place without showing signs you were there. That is till a movie, show or some report shows signs as your behavious pattern.
egredior aevus White time is the time of Ascension. This time lets you see things that are beautiful visions and makes things better as the time works on your behalf.
chao liquentis Black lava is the effect of chaos on lava. What is black lava, as the will in energy that lava responds to life by stimulation. Its a voidal lava that will morph anything it runs over while it melts it to create a new but different and somewhat bizarre element.
chao inversio liquentis Mutation lava is Chaos and Inverted Lava. This lava will restore with its heat and mutate the person or object. Creating a diversion and stronger form.
chao penetro commutatus Aversive Diversive lava is made from adversion, diversion and chaos. This lava will mutate the land around it while making people avert there eyes and ignore it. It will kill by melting everything it flows across. Its temperature is 600 degrees kelvin.
chao medicatus mutus Charm mutation black lava is made from charm monster by mutatition and chaos to create a disasterous energy that mutates things surround. This black lava energy makes everything charmed to strike at the wielders willing and work for the wielder as he wants including manipulation of others..
chao occultatio simulo Rapid destructive black lava is stealth lava with chaos. This lava will cover a landscape in
minutes as it makes more of itself spreading rapid mutation. It is non detectable and there is very few that can outrun it. The temperature of this lava is undetectable..
chao opacus reductio Shadow destruction black lava is chaos plus shadow restoration lava plus sends draining shadows which twists anything near it with undetectable nature to destruction. Lava of this nature is black in color and has no heat except that in which the person thinks it has. It has no substance so it will be undiscernable except in the place you look in from view by sight..
chao genero elevo Death Light Lava is Chaos and Light Lava. This is the only lava that will restore people to undeath while it flows. It brings spell resistance that aids in spell fights and it also brings an unnatural deathly light to the area. Death Lava will raise people by infusive heat into the person causing an unnatural lich like state.The death light lava has no temperature and it can melt people or objects in an attack. This is only found as a source of death.
chao disturbatio Warp Copy Lava is Power Copying Lava and Chaos. This lava will spread itself across land with warping power waves of corrosive effect. It will literally cause malformed corrosive deterioration of anything near it plus a wielder can use this to create .blight
chao efficio descriptio Mirroring sharing black lava is imitation lava plus chaos creating a effect of destructive blackish lava that has no substance and corruptly mirrors with full bizarre attribute all things effectable..
chao appono multus Adaption lava is Energy Glamour and Chaos. Use this in force craft as making a permant glamour changed through Heat infusion to the wielder will. The Heat of this lava causes a permanent glamour to change into something else. This lava can only be used as modification force.
chao caecus retexo

Unseen erasure lava is Unseen Reverse lava with chaos so use this force of lava to force erasure unseen in an area of anything at all nearby as if it did not exist. and disappears anything in the area. Their is no heat with this lava so its undetectable plus it could erase the wielder..

chao ferreus aevus Antimagic time black lava is the Anti-magic Time plus Chaos. This is the time of warped motions and thoughts. When used it will make warps moments happen anywhere in the spacial plane. This can be detected of background radiation thus this time flows backwards so stay in it only as long as one dares.
chao cognitio avidus Greedy Knowledge black lava is lava that will bring control by blind desire. This lava will make most people do anything to gain the grasp of power by emotion and hate. The pride pulls them in and makes the pull undeniable to do as if the wielder was charismatic. People will always want more and sometimes the person will go to great lengths.to please the wielder. Hitler was one such to be controlled by it as it appears like a unseen winning force.
chao declino avocatio

Avertive Diversion black lava is the diverted lava with chaos. This is the lava that uses destructive and chaotic actions to make it work. If it flowed along the area it would think to make use of you, to destructive urges to your aura as thought is done it uses your energy to make destructive activity. Think and its only revealed by a strange high picture, do and make thought to divert away that is with sound heard by the victim and noone else.

chao ancile commendo Shield protection black lava is chaos plus shield protection and pushes people away thru deterrence while making certain the protected never gets hurt. A side note on this is that is always alone in some manner and cold.
chao impetus visus Manipulation vision lava is made from Third eye earth, Vision fire and Chaos. The chaos tinges the third eye vision to manipulation of peoples vision into an impulsive destructive impulse and a false vision that only leads to destruction. It has no heat and only exists as force. So only casters can summon this black lava.
chao accipio avis Transition black lava is made from language lava and void and is the black lava which transitions two things into one or mutates two things apart. This black lava works with objects to accomplish a transition of some sort. It always uses void as its medium. There is no heat heat except of the transition radiation to this black lava. Another name is genetics.
chao navitas Hyper Inductive black lava is subatomical twist flow. This element can twist any event thru gut feeling and desire into happening. Know the event be what this is called by gut and it happens to make itself done thru any available path that the energy wants. The ability to manipulate it is called telekinetic ability plus its considered making miracles as it uses the twist of a subatomical twist flow to change events. This energy is undetectectable plus another name is the will and a way.
chao exedo Wild warp lava will makewarping destruction of a city block easy as there is no control of it whence its released except for wild mages with expertise. This black lava will warp anything with wild energy in its path as it flows altering along an area fairly quick. It has no heat except a slight evil radiance. Another is wild warp.
chao candor liquentis White warped lava is the white lava that chaos turns into a warped lava with a terror effect that gets to any that get near it. Instead of improving things it makes them worse. White warped lava is likely to create more chaos that feels good to be near.
neuro ancile Mental shields are the shields for the mind created with aura and any idea you think is possible, in the aura and will reject mental intrusion very easily by the point that your view is a sharable idea. The mental shields are strong, if one believes in the strength of survival.
animus visus Soul shields are the breaking type that are Aura shields that can not be broken unless they are thought to be breakable by the person using the Aura shield. If the spirit is strong then one can survive anything. The Aura shield can cause regeneration. This is the strongest shield their is.
inanis ancile Void shields are the reversed shields, that are impossible to break which includes the aura. This is void and shield, say and you get as you seem or not and as you think and you stop or continue. You see and create or cease what is temporally there nullified by nulle it will it or nor it. When used the void shield make time very fast. There is unaging slowly and said practitioner seems unaging. This allows winning against anything as the spells get converted to spell energies for personal use. The Void Shield will not fade until the caster wills it. You can damage others that you can choose while you are protected. These are shields that support themselves only focus is needed.
inversio ancile Inverted shields are Inversion and Shield. These shields are mind eaters shield that make the person invisible and slow time down for the person. Making the person unseen and the shield unbreakable as the shield absorbs any energies. These are easy shields to hold with three times the power.
iniquus ancile Adverted shields are Adversion and Shield. These are the unbreakable shields that stop time around you and allow you to go anywhere without detection. The shields of averted nature divert the eye from the caster. Aversion shields are the shields that allow you to choose the moment. These are easy shields to hold with three times the power by the power the sun resembles in the association by energy as nucleartronics.
maleficus ancile Manipulation shields are the shields that allow the wielder to manipulate everything in the area. Imagine the thing to be seen as use or be manipulated and think of what you what you want to be done. Feel the event if so desired.
subduco ancile Concealed illusion shields are the shields that allow the person to be seen as something else else and almost invisible. These take only a little bit of life force to make work. If the shield almost fails embue it with more force. This is the diguise shield.
caecus ancile Shadow shields are the shields that cloak in shadow as is the aura changes to match the area and the shadows blend, as the energy changes things to create what you think. The person is not seen as they are in an unpiercable shadow shield, think by your use as with creator energy and eyes see through you. The shadows protect the shielded person by taking the extra force of attacks in to strengthen it. These shields disappate in direct sunlight in use of light.
aprecatio ancile Sunlight shields are the shields that make a person unkillable as the force of spells sent at the shield only strengthen it. Thus the shield never fails and imparts converted energy to the caster. This shield uses the sun as its source and gives you back energy. It can also kill with attacks of its own if directed at the target by a thought idea and by will.
concertatio ancile Strife shields are the shields of strife and will cause distress or death to anyone the caster chooses to target. Otherwise it absorbs the violence as its fuel. Any attack strengthens it. This shield almost always guides the caster to a critical kill.
imitatio ancile Illusion sharing shields are the shields of Illusion that copy the abilities to you of the attacker and cloak in illusion the protected. These shields absorb the energies as the source for which allows it to work.
adigo ancile Force shields are the shields that turn things or people away from the protected as if an invisible barrier existed. The Jedi's shield as its called to shift, empowered exempt by energy. This shield will keep a person alive even afterwards.
malus ancile Negative force shields are the shields that use negative feelings, as you create by feel the energy pattern  you think is thoughts in a point and ideas to fuel it. As if your a mind wielder in the body that creates with he energy. It will reject any ones presence that the person does not like. It will absorb any energy that is cast at the protected. This shield will not fail.
obliquus ancile Time shields prevent anyone from attacking and look like a bubble. Pop it and it is gone, as the mind shield is gone through the point energy you intend and direct or not. The time shield is the moment of backward space. Thus the damage passes away from the protected. Yet time moves forward. One won't age in a time shield or won't feel hungry.
turpificatus ancile Corruption shields are shields of desire and mastery. These shields give whatever the attacker wants and yet never gives everything. Ending result is the victim will not be killed and thus the knowledge disappears from the attackers mind never to come back when its safe.
confero aevus Diversive shields are in the shields that are but will divert attention away from the protected person with thought in mind as mischief is done rendering the person invisible. It has no other protection of itself but it costs very little to upkeep. Its called a cowards shield thats diversive by thought to not notice until will is not there to seen use because if it is not seen its not noticed as invisible.
visio ancile Vision shields are the shields that give people false visions, think to protect the protected and the protected are never hurt. So not stupid of the thought, as this in truth is the person can manipulate what the people around can think with no thoughts intended. There without intending thought unless a thought exists that you don't have intention to use, as you dodge the psychics and with the creator if the protected will see endlessly or not as nothing is there by will.
lingua ancile Language shielding is the shields that block out anything said person doesn't want to hear or see as a message. This shielding also allows language manipulation endlessly and effort free.
classis ancile Hyper shields are energy sight shields that can deflect anything and make use of anything, with that and use is knowable if thought is need by intention, the energy is by the thought as with reprogramming by suggested idea without having to work at keeping the shield up. It has multi variable phasing capability, as it is undetectable to the senses. This has capabilities of morphing, the body to survive a blow or struggle.
feritus ancile Wild shields can make it so you can use, any energy and indirectly as it will aid as it needs. So this shield will do as it feels necessary being the protecteds will. It wun not as thought is there and thinking it, will it to go down will cause it to as you are till necessary.
egredior ancile White Shield is the shield that Ascends you and makes you more aware of what you want and can get. This shield protects you from demons as it raises your vibrations and makes you unaffected by lower plane beings.
animus visus Soul sight allows you in to see the soul of others and know what they know with ease of thought. This is instant as one sees everything of the person and also called aura vision.
inanis visus Black sight is the sight that you can listen in with, as this is a void room that uses void in thought as the source of the visions. It is made from space with sight. The psychic visions can go to deep space or other dimensions for the visions. Thus it is the greater of the sight. One can also use this to see in black shades at any time of day thus one does not need light. Black psychic visions are great for viewing other planets.
inversio visus Inverted vision is the magical vision. When this vision is used the third eye is used. This sight will work in place of normal vision. There is possibility of using this for easier psychic vision. See ghosts and other invisible beings with it.
iniquus ancile Adverted sight is the sight of moments. See the events as in psychic visions. This is what psychics use as in when they stare into a crystal ball. When the vision is received there are only moments that you remember. The other name is Psychic Vision.
maleficus visus Demonic sight is an activity to see the thought you focus and think to see, as the feeling can create what you think or things that are there are seen by the subconscious vision point. Think and as you think to see corruption you can see, the sight of demons and evil people. This sight allows you to see all and listen as the mind gives it away as the evil going on at will is indication in moment at a mere thought. This sight is in particles.
subduco visus Night vision is a thought as the vision of nighttime is a point you think, using night as an energy that is similar and is in daylight that shows things and allows for you to see at night without a single bit of light. Thus you can do whatever you want at night. This is the sight of vampires. This sight is in shades of normal color.
caecus visus Shadow sight is the sight of shadows and they can see equally well in the daytime or night time. This sight is in shades of gray.
aprecatio visus Star vision is the night sight star energy. No light at all is needed but you see in heightened vision at night or day. Thus the vision is never impaired, as the energy restores you when you think. There is infinite vision possibility.
concertatio visus Violence vision of movement and in nighmare is the vision of what you fear in a nightmare, in a point that is from use of the 13th dimension unknowing by the thought 13. As the mind creates the point by subconscious, that and you percieve the idea an use is a nightmare by use by view and what it is itself. As you want as this is where the sights you see are the bad things in life, and these vision are called at any time.
imitatio visus Illusion sight is the sight of illusionists which is to see, as you think to feel in with a perception of the person or area to allow for the sight of both illusion and normal vision. This allows for easy set up of illusions as you see what you think, as the feeling from the area is noticed and you can feel the things there and sight comes. As a vision in a visual area that is looked, as thought if you take this as entertainment and as you are a thought. Thought is there and if, you don't notice them they won't notice you. As if on a display or screen you imagine in the subconscious mind or thought in perception is that a feeling is what is vibration and if illusion the vision ceases in thought as energy is perception in a visual that is easily disbelief. The thought enhanced by energy is a sight that is what gives you the vision, as a thought in and if you think to not see the idea the subconscious isn't allowing the conscious state to see perception.
adigo ancile Force sight is energy feeling with the vision of aura and energy, that is vibration by the feel in energy considered with use as powers. See anything in force and see magical objects. The night and day are almost the same.
malus visus Sightless sight is the sight of particles and does not use normal sight. Yet again it appears like normal vision in the light of day or night. This is sight without sight and uses the third eye. See anything with this sight. This sight does not even appear as sight.
obliquus visus Indirect sight is the sight that sees everything. When one looks in indirect as for sight and ugly. Vision is to use a thought, as to focus in on an area and have a thought in mind for what you seek to know. the vision will come. But if the moment must come you can see what is enhanced in energy, as one must allow for thought and remain separate from the sight. One can read minds with this sight as with the sight you see and perceive, as you direct the focus by thought of the person. As if use is the third eye, with a thought the person can use is a sight know with the spirit infornation. That you fell and your subconscious, shows your conscious aware state of mind as a point of idea.
turpificatus visus Corruption sight is the sight of the complete mind and soul. Its the sight of knowledge. One can read anything as if in a book and make the correct decisions always. A keen mind is only needed to see it. Prescience is gained by using this sight. The necessity is only that one has an open mind.
confero visus Diversive vision is wisdom the vision of the maneuvers are to make in moments. Its moments that come when one needs to survive. These will only be warnings. One can learn of survival tactics while getting these visions. These visions usually come minutes to hours before the events.
cingo visus

Shield sight is the vision of many type of shields in general seeable by the feel of the area, that and the indirect feel of the person by vibes from the aura. As things allows the caster to see, the shields of your enemies and other people too. 

lingua visus Language sight allows the worker to see languages, as translated words plus makes possible to translate spoken words. As in the language you understand, as the source is the study in an instance and thus think and it comes. The language spoken will, be instantly understood by the caster. Just listen to the speech patterns, think about it by focus and the understanding will come clear in your mind.
classis visus Hyper sight allows the person to see in the hyper dimensional world. Its just a peek as it will probably draw unwanted, attention from a very powerful hyper worlder somewhere. So the sight will not be there if the seer doesn't want to look. With this sight a person can look into any other world as the hyper world links to all of them.
feritas visus Wild sight allows you to see into alternative worlds or any place else as well. cuz it uses wild energy that cannot be detected as the source of the seeing. This energy allows the peerer to see anywhere without detection.
candor visus White sight is with the white void that allows you to see things, as they are and it shatters illusions. This sight reveals the truth behind anything, your curious about. It reveals anything your curious about.

Zackal, Djihin and Skyhawk contributed to Aether and Ether. Zackal solely owns Cosmeria, Corrupt Cosmeria and Infini. Skyhawk contributed the rest. with help from others.