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Dream Types

   There are many who do dream about idea and things, considered a level 'y' activity for being wild in perception, or the wild 'dream state' level of reality. It is the hereditary idea that is expected, but anything goes in this level. Its a wild level of perception, because anything is acceptable and is sometimes done, even in lucid dreams. Sometimes to be where the wild situation is in a dream state.

   Where, people realize they weren't actually living it and therefore the situation wasn't real. Also known as the 'lucid' dream state. Once you realize that you are in the wild state, anything can be manifested, but you may quickly awake from the wild state when you realize you are in it and try to control it, though sometimes not.

   Also, some mostly found that dreams can be categorized. Where the people that were doing anything at a whim and getting things done or the people that were singing in perfection and in tune in a singing contest were "just a dream" and usually lacks great meaning that other dream types have. Due to this fact, it can also be dangerous to consist at the wild level and try to make something for themselves. This is the 'y' level of reality and is consistent of the vow to do things any way that's possible. As when you have an idea, and you decide to work on it, manifest it, make it a reality, you are vowing to do so. These are the categories listed as dream types.

There are two main groups of dream types

   Personal-type dreams, where all of the dream is created by your conscious or sub-conscious thoughts of things you know, and is usually internal.

   External dreams, where the dream content comes from something other than yourself (a telepathic link, being contacted by another being, etc)

More of the external dream types are as follows

   Dreams that are "planted" by another person or being, for whatever reason they are influenced. Sometimes these are used to give you messages from certain entities, such as to give you some good knowledge or to warn you of a future event. Sometimes they are planted by malevolent entities to scare or intimidate you, usually when you are growing in strength and/or doing something important that goes against their wishes.

   Messenger dreams are when you receive semi-hidden information from the higher plains. The message is often revealed to you with symbols. For example, if one of your front teeth falls, it may mean that one of your close relatives is about to die soon. The messenger dreams can also be caused by the sub-c connecting to the z-field, where all information of the universe is kept as a flow. The z-field is what some call the "universal database" that also holds the energy of the universe. Sometimes the mind can take this info and make something useful from it, resulting in a new idea. Another type of message dream is the one where an idea you've been thinking on for a time suddenly comes together as a spark of ingenuity. This isn't actually a message dream but an internal-based dream that draws from the universe for it's content.

   Astral dreams, which are where you are seeing something which is happening on the Astral plane of existence - Some have had nights where they'll leave their body, do something astrally for someone, an example is 'it was kind of a favor for someone, letting their dead relative say a final message or something', wake up the next morning, and is told that someone else had the same dream, or similar. Some can almost physically die during one of them. Other times you have an astral journey that may be confused for a simple internal whacky dream but it's actually an astral journey which can be evidence by some effect that is left over after from the journey, and that tells you it was a journey dream rather than an imagination dream.

   "Parallel" dreams, where you're in a parallel reality, much different from another plane of existence, think 'Multiverse' theory. Could just be taken as a false assumption, though. They closely resemble the internal ones listed above. You may see locations in the dream that are familiar to you but warped in a way. These will be consistent through the 'parallel' world of the dream. They are seen by others as well. Sometimes they are the same as the planting dream by some entity but different only in that they are planted in the dreams of multiple people. Sometimes a dream is purposely or even accidentally caused by one purpose and it happens to them and some others who may be involved with the person who causes it.

Some internal dreams:

   There's the lucid dream thats internal with meaning, as well as truth. Where it will appear real and due to some stress of an internal/external factor, such as life issues.

   There's the fear dream of internal just dream type. Its set off by learning something and the dream is the reaction to it. also usually caused by stress of internal/external factors like life issues.

   The normal dream type is when the sub-c is just sorting through external situations for the mind to handle, like alphabetizing a bookcase of information. The 'dreams with meanings' is where your subconscious is trying to send a message to the conscious mind through the use of a dream. The sub-c thinks only in images and metaphors though, so it's not as simple as a normal message.

   Dreams with meanings and dreams that are just dreams. Such dreams stop happening when you get the thing or you realize it will never happen. Then, your subconscious squelches by suppression, the dream.

Other idea in dream types:

   Some have both dreams with meanings that are personal types and these are dreams that are of subcontact. That didn't start with them, but turned out to be them. Whatever you do you work hard in them. Whatever you do with a wizard, you're slow to react with contact and solemnly do.

   The other type are dreams others have are that of external or just dreams, dreams that are magnificent with meanings in order to cope from others.

   Opposite dreams. These are dreams that show you doing the opposite that you do in life. This serves as a function to keep balance in the mind.

   Physical dream are the dreams that seem physical and sometimes mirror real life. Most physical dreams can occur to be the whims of what we desire and are external dreams with meaning or its just a dream. Where we get aware that we're dreaming in real life dream, and there is this protection thats fully there, then this protection is supposedly removed, because we have our consciousness interact with reality to form the dream. Yet we also wake up when we realize its a dream through indications. And, its as though we want it to be real, sometimes, as its all too good to be true. So when our will is to awaken by realization thats through indications, then we wake up and reality goes to normal.

   There is the things that you think are dreams as well, where they appear like dreams but are something else. Like Astral Projections and Ethereal Journeys.

Doc written by Ben, Skyhawk, Libertine, Caz, and others
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