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Magic existance?

  This article is about why 'normies' i.e non-magic users don't seem to notice or see magic in this world, namely physical magic. One theory is that it is only by being in the correct 'fold' of reality (Ben's radio example from the dimensions document shows this well, that we can only view parts of reality when we're 'tuned' into them.) Sometimes when we view parts of reality that we're not tuned into or haven't been exposed to, they appear unintelligible because our mind translates them into things we have been taught, and we miss the details that are unknown to us. There is a lot about this theory in the books written by Carlos Castaneda, for example when he saw a dying deer that turned into a lump of wood.

  So the answer is that there is magic in this world, everywhere, but it is largely how you 'see' the world that determines what exists to you. The mind is quick to rationalize perceptions into the familiar. So the fact is, that physical magic doesn't exist 'here', on the common plane of human civilization and the western life except for stage magic and luck, and religious prayer.

  Now, as thought can cause effects, especially with magic, there remains the fact that magic doesn't work right sometimes, and it could be, from the billions of non-magic consciousness, or the trappings of this dimension, that it shouldn't be here. Since the law is enforced by thought, that we can't do magic here. So we 'emulate' it, by using it, in other dimensions and then making it perceived here.

  However, sometimes one should not accept the difficulty of magic to become apparent in certain situations, but rather consider it a challenge to be overcome and look for those systems of magic so you may strive to make the manifestation and cause the magic to be apparent by the system you try out. There is a consistency factor of this becoming inconsistent in its manifestation and sometimes hard to predict.

  If everybody believes that magic is false, then what's the intention of 50 magic users vs 9230580 nonmagic users?

  Yes, our intent is stronger, but that's like ten sticks of dynamite versus a couple hundred thousand .22 caliber rounds. Which has more of an impact? The universe is a reflection of our own perceptions, after all. That's also why it's harder to do magic around skeptics, and harder to 'prove yourself' to them. Their intent weighs down your own as they actively think "oh this is a load of bull", and you have to overcome theirs while still needing to put forth, as much effort as you usually would, on top of that. Besides, even if you get an effect to work, who's to say they'll take it for what it actually is? instead, it will usually be explained away as some coincidental variation of a normal facet, of the way things work.

  Not to mention people can assume magic is as though Harry Potter style. Where, they're much more accepting, if you approach it by a metaphysics/"eastern energy arts" angle.

The largeness of magic

  Magic is large, and in effect. And, something so large is sometimes easily overlooked, and it can take spirit and fire /heat energy, to do it efficiently, so its just done to us, or around us in our view, but the only indicator is of the fire energy, that is drained on magic effect, causing it to be colder around the room area, per spell. So its simply not practical under many usages, where the physical or mechanical thing can take its place.

  If magic were smaller in size, then it would be more noticeable, and proof be the size of the event, meaning time used in use is what can make it noticed, or ignored. As, people don't want to see magic, sometimes. With time used, it'd be more obvious, as if it happens faster, then instead, of over time. But still, it's easier to notice a raging fireball, as in the sun, than it is a small spark in the distance.

  So magic doesn't really exist here? Because, it is too large and general a force, so much so, that its practically ignored. When it is noticed, however, its a mystery. As, in a poltergeist being banished, by a phrase and with an ability and thats directed, by a focused word. This is, to say something and cause an effect, of banishment by intent.

                By Caz, Ben, Skyhawk and Vaughan