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Parallel Timelines and Universi


The Nature of 3D-Time and Parallel Universes

We experience time as going forward straight - the past is fixed and the future sealed by fate. What if there was not one past but many pasts? It makes sense even considering perceptional bias that you get 10 different stories when retelling a murder. Historians can't decide on the past and people have different memories of the same event. Sometimes they don't remember it at all. Are they from a parallel universe? Maybe we just take different paths and percieve them in a forward motion.

For any one of us time has one direction, but if you expand the view to a group of people, it looks as if we're all taking higgildy-piggildy trails through the great ticking clock.

Erm... what?

Time is thought to be one-dimensional. It goes backwards into the past and forwards into the future. The past and future meet in this point we live in called the present.

Time oddness happens to all of us. I've been in the same location at the same time as another and seen nothing but air. I think we fall through these alternate realities all of the time with our mind compensating to not go insane. Only rarely will you notice it since our wills travel through what our ego thinks as appropriate.

The theory here is that time is not one-dimensional, but three-dimensional. Like space. We live in a 3D-space world, so why not a 3D-time world? It would perhaps make more sense using the power of MATHS and SCIENCE. Probably.

Honestly I can't figure out what difference 2D to 3D time would make. More possibilities yea, but I can't really consider it over that. If anyone knows please post. There could be more than 3 directions too with us only experiencing one. Multidimensional time.

I used 3d time as it seemed to fit - there's 3 spatial dimensions so why not 3 time directions. I'm convinced there's more though. 3 just doesn't seem enough for the infinite possibilities that seem possible, if you hold the belief that there are many worlds beyond this one. Maybe the timelines on this world are like the segments of an orange, and there are many oranges in a bowl. when you pass from the skin of one orange to another, you travel to a different world and to a new set of timelines, the only problem being to find and traverse the window. Another idea for another time.

Classic Time Travel

So having multiple timelines, we could travel in time and kill our grandfathers and the universe wouldn't implode, because you'd be travelling to different timelines and back where that didn't happen. If we travel through timelines all the time, paradoxes can never happen because we're all from another universe. So it'd be killing your doppelgangers grandfather and on that plane they wouldn't be born. You wouldn't be able to go meet yourself then go back to the same timeline and kill them because it would just turn into another reality. So kill your grandfathers all you want. That's if travel into the past is possible. From what I've read the past is just an echo, no one has a clue how to travel into the past. They can do the future a bit though.

Vectors to the Magnitude of one second per second (s^-2)

So our 'present' is like a dot with a direction. This can be up, down, left, right, 30 degrees northeast whatever. The direction we go is how we travel into dimensions or alternate ones. Usually for most people this direction is 'fixed', they go through the same plane in time so their reality is very concrete to them, predictable since they have percieved it all their lives. It develops in a way they would expect since they have seen it develop. For others, the direction is more fluid and can be dislodged from one direction to another. This can happen many ways, but I've noticed just before noticing a jump into another plane that I walked through a strange 'field' of energy that spun my 'direction' like a spinning top towards a new path.

I think our awareness of the changing nature of reality coupled with our developing magical will to change reality to what we want also helps us and makes it more likely that our direction would change. You're not exactly falling into a parallel universe since you always start at a familiar 'point', but if the direction is changed severely then changes in reality will be noticeable in a short time as they differ from your normal expected reality. When we increase our awareness through practice and magic use we notice it more often. We usually run through the world with our eyes shut anyway but sometimes we'll suddenly notice stuff like a forest sprouting from a field in one day, or a sky turning from clear to overcast in an instant.

The Branching Realities

There are several branching realities and you can know their power and influence if you do one action, observe the effects of the current branch and then the other branches of reality as they are formed from receiving the action of the moment. Like a path that splits and splits again with each act that is taken. It is caused mostly by the wave of energy that holds our instruction on the effect, energy coded with intent.

This wave of energy is somehow received in the other dimensions, as though a broadcasted moment. The awareness there is what interprets the idea presented and then repeats it in some way. What is interesting is that in one effect there could be many different possibilities presented. One thing to note is that not everything is done.

Sky as a Navigation Instrument

The sky is a great indicator for changing through different planes. I think it's because the weather is a chaos system and even a small change in direction will change the configuration of clouds, so pay attention to the sky if possible. Another reason why the sky is useful is that when changing through planes the 'light' sometimes changes, the colour, brightness, even the 'feeling' of the light.

Like this.


One thing that's kinda jarring to people is that once you accept the parallel worlds idea, you realise that the only static thing in reality once your direction starts to change is your own consciousness, maybe not even that. We're lone travellers flying endlessly through time and space. Most people we meet will be very similar copies to the ones we 'know', and have been changing that way through our whole lives. It's the same for them too.

It's best not to think too hard on this or you'll just hurt your brain, reality is a metaphor so just continue with the ones that make you comfortable, you might think "holy shit wtf?" but really there is no difference - reality was exactly the same before you realized and will be after. Hakuna matata.

[ If you read the Castaneda books you'll realise this is similar to the 'shifting assemblage point' idea and I think it is connected somehow too. ]

Reality Discontinuity

We often don't notice the changes in our direction through time, or notice any perceptional differences.[that the 'feel' of the shifting fabric of the universe is different.]

An idea explaining that is when you get to the new reality, your energies are shifted to the band of the new reality [ and so your assemblage point shifts too. The Assemblage point is the point of perception that's located on the aura. ]

When this happens, your attention is moved from where you were in the old parallel universe to where it would be in the new one if you existed there all along. It's like trying to get you to notice an elephant in your room when your whole energy and perception have the feeling that there's an elephant in the room and that it is normal. You lack the trigger to notice the change because energy-wise to your new position, there is no change. This happens from irregular reality shifts (i.e anything that is not a straight path) The only thing that allows you to notice the shifts are blind chance in noticing a totally incongruous event or by force of your will. Your will probably also plays a major part in having these 'lucky chances' at noticing reality blips.

Magic and Will in Dimension Shifting

Some of us may have learned to change our direction on purpose or accidently through magic, to bring us to a reality where a magic goal was achieved. This could be another reason for our direction changing. I think our will allows us this kind of reality editing. I know that everyone here are not the people I have known at another moment, unit of time. We are flicking through reality each moment and the journey has been straaaaange. Stranger the more your direction changes. Instead of a straight path cutting through time, most of us have been travelling like those old pirate maps that go in loops before you get to the treasure. The advantage is that from going through all these strange realities we have percieved things that wouldn't be possible on the straighter path.

Pan or Interdimensional Constructs

Is it possible to make a kind of interdimensional anchor to bridge between realities? It would serve as a beacon of sorts to bring a group of people into the same general reality area. We can make magic effects that seem to go beyond the border of our timeline in that we can change our direction, but can we only change our direction because we are 'in' our own timeline and it can be effected? If that is so, then how do we know which direction to turn to if we use will to bring ourselves into a desired reality? So I think we have some sort of knowledge beyond our own reality, a perception of it. It could extend to perception of the anchor I think. We could link the anchor to the a magical network or other stable construct or idea, or even a physical object. The effect would be a unifying over the timeline to the idea of the construct.

It is possible to cause the creation of a self-building multidimensional construct that works in other worlds by giving a command for it to modify and reform itself based on the laws of the new reality. So once it goes to the reality, it modifies itself to adapt to the new environment. Thus, it will always work, in theory.

A problem with interdimensional constructs would be their loss of cohesion the further away from the original created reality, like a cloud of influence getting weaker and more unreliable the further out because of the shifting rules of reality. If you pushed a construct to exist and keep existing in multiple distant universes, you could end up with something quite different than originally intended for this reason.

There are likely many other uses in pandimensional constructs that haven't been explored.


In closing - we may be falling through time but it is possible steer the way you tumble through it, to avoid flying watermelons and aim towards the stars.

By Caz, KelOren, Spellhawk and others