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Why Psionics are useful

   Psionics has many different applications and and ways it can be utilized. There are numerous things that a psion can do with psionic skills. Psionics isn't just a hobby or something to do to pass the time by but is an art and science in itself. When one practices psionics they are embarking on a journey and experience that they will remember all their lives. Allot of people stick with psionics but many also abandon it. This is either due to lack of motivation, disbelief of just laziness, but those that stick with it will soon learn that it is a life changing path and journey. In this paper will we give you an idea of what is possible with psionics and what you can expect from walking this path.

  •   Practicing psionics is likely to increase willpower as the effect is caused through willpower use. It also trains you to create the intent to guide the effect. Those who practice psionics develop a sense of heightened awareness over time.

  •   Concentration and focus: When practicing psionics the practitioner will soon realize that they need to be able to concentrate and focus their mind on the task at hand if they want their goal to be accomplished and be accomplished efficiently. You can liken this to the example of trying to put a hole in a piece of cardboard with a pencil. If the lead on the pencil is dull then you will have a hard time piercing the cardboard and will have to push harder and even do multiple attempts. If the lead on the pencil is sharp then it will go through the cardboard much easier. In the example just given the cardboard is your task and the pencil is your mind and ability to focus and concentrate. I sharp focus and concentration will make your attempts at accomplishing your goal much easier then it would if your concentration and focus are lacking. When it comes to studying in the field of psionics your mission is to have your mind in a state of one pointedness. Focus your entire mind at the task at hand. One powerful and focused thought is way more effective then one-hundred random thoughts.

  •   Healing: There’s minor and major healing that helps relieve problems and cure the illnesses that exist in the body and mind through psionics. With healing, it can start with minor healing and turn into major healing. Minor healing is the act of putting your will on the body or mind, using psi energy, to restore lost function and repair minor wounds, be it quick or slow - depends on the persons willpower. Major healing, is the act of doing effort several times with the intention of willing the act of healing. This healing action restores the body of basic functions and can repair wounds and internal damages that take a somewhat medium to hard effort to heal. It’s sort of similar to reiki in that you’re using your intent to put healing energy to a person, except in psionics this energy is psi, not reiki energy.

  •   Shielding: Most often a shield will be a hollow compressed ball of energy that is expanded to encompass the whole body and made in much the same way as a construct. The shielding allows for protection against mental assaults and disruptions. It can keep your energy in, if you have problems with lack of energy, or have problems with psivamps (others draining your energy). You can also keep unwanted energy out, which helps with stress and helps create a stable mental state. Shields can have other functions like hiding the self, which are known as cloaks.

  •   Constructs can help free up time by doing a function and handling tasks for you while you focus elsewhere. A simple example of a construct is a psiball. It is made with a ball of psi energy, and programming the construct to do certain tasks. The main idea of constructs is that they are ‘programmed’ with instructions to how they should exist. This is done by bringing up the energy and coding it with your intent. One possible use for constructs is as a library for holding vast amounts of information, or even storing energy.

  •   PK (psychokinesis) is the art of mind over matter and the usage of effort to create effect. An example of PK would be bending spoons or other metal, or the manipulation of objects such as psiwheels. These are useful to build confidence in the practitioner that they are making progress, but on their own don’t have much utility apart from impressing people or for cheap tricks. Turning a light switch on or off can be useful. However, if you only think that PK is what is possible, then you could lose interest in psionics over time.

A different approach on working with energy

  The act of doing things helps with the making of the effect through an effort, and this effort is guided through will and focused with your idea. When the will is intented, it can happen very easily causing effect through focus and desire. This is the basis of what one does with a psionic act.

  Many people wonder what the will is. The will of a person is their ability to carry out their desire. First and foremost a person should have their desire set in their subconscious mind before attempting any task. This makes it easier to get efficient results. While we may try our hardest to get a result from the effort, sometimes we just get nowhere with our trial and error. So at times it is actually futile to try with the approach that was decided on as a possible method, and another should be used. Conscious reason can interfere with the will and should be suppressed.

Alternate effect ideas on the possibilities of Psionics

  Body adaption effects with psychokinesis - This can constitute a genetic modification through will and desire, thinking of the idea that you want to make happen. To convert yourself or others to the normal genetic pattern is to think of the idea you have of the previous attributes that you had and then intend the genetic modification to the new pattern. It is simpler in theory than in practice.

  Manifestation of Objects - It can be a change of an object near you, as in a sudden change of position or size. Then there’s the possibility of condensing psi energy into a material being formed that is in the shape of what you want. Basically you’re thinking on what you want, focusing and condensing the object into form. This can take whatever energy is available, from nearly anything nearby, an object or person and then cause the energy to mold itself into a condensed item form.

  Any way you go about it, the ideas we work with are molded by our intent using our will towards the action that is desired. What we do decides the ultimate outcome of our actions.


  In the end it is the realization of a desired effect that causes a person to find psionics useful to themselves. What we find of intented idea and motive is useful only to create such desire and the need of the moment. So enjoy the moment of creating psionic use. The usefulness is up to the eye of the beholder. Still you might get bored of psionics if you can’t see the use of the practice in your own way.

By Spellhawk, Alusa, SilentDragon, Sylar, Caz and others