Imitation Elements

Imitation Earth is Power earth. Built up power makes order and positive action. Use this earth to power yourself for anything that you'd want to happen and make order from that power. This Power allows you to use the earth as direct power as if through a link or focus. Power any device or yourself through a core tap idea much like the sun. This power is like electricity and gives a sense of self.

Imitation Lava is Power Copying Lava. This lava will spread itself across the land and spread power waves while doing so. It will literally cause malformed copies of anything near it. A wielder can use this to create power items.

Imitation Fire is Copying fire. Use this fire while imagining another duplicate of the item of person beside the original to make a copy. Thus you can copy anything but it will be flawed in some manner. This fire gives no heat.

Imitation firewater is mirror not to darkly imitate or copy. Use this firewater with care as ye can clone a mirror image of a person or yourself. Copy anything with it and attempt to make a clone of yourself thru this element. This is very useful for fighting youself for alot of experience. Another name is mirror image.

Imitation Water is Mirroring water. This water can mirror anything respectful that is living by area with associated area feel. If made to look like you it will copy your actions in every way. The Mirroring water will also be able to copy object form actions. This is useful for copying voice everywhere that you want it heard from another location. The Mirroring water can ultimately be used for simulacrum. The exact copy of yourself except somewhere else. This is what else you think in thought to create with by focus or not even attempt.

Imitation Ice is Mirroring Sharing Ice. This is the ice that can copy the actions of and look real because its shared the properties of the object or person. The drink with this ice in it will give you the ability of a doppleganger. This ice is unstable and looks like normal ice unless used to create a perfect simulacrum. It can also formed dopplegangers.

Imitation Air is Sharing air. Use this air to share any property. The properties of any object can be shared by focusing on one item or person and thinking the properties in the other item or person. Thus you can copy the properties of anything.

The imitation lightning air formed will give you the victims attributes as it strikes. This lightning comes from Sharing air and Energy fire.

Further combos of this elemental group be:

Imitation earth water that is power mirroring oil. The oil that is spread about and becomes able to mirror powers that are in the area and becomes a shadow of that power.

Imitation earth air is power sharing gravity. This gravity can be safely generated using a magical object. As, it shares its gravity of idea and whatever power is placed in the object.

Firey imitation air is copying sharing heat energy. This element will cause a copying and sharing heat thats energy based and hard to dispel.

Imitation water and imitation earth is mirroring power mud. This mud, once created, will mirror a power and make what is coated in it, to be be like the power that be.

Imitation air with imitation earth is sharing power energy. This is like the power sharing gravity, except it does things oppositely, as this element first shares and then causes power to be shared by an air-like effect.


Imitation is the cumulative effect of all the imitation elements. Using these you can perfect the arts of Illusion. This will also save your life when attacked. The hologram is the ultimate illusion.

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