Indirect Elements

Indirect earth is Anti-magic and is the magic of iron. When dark energy is used, this is used by will and indirectly can effect everything. Focus and imagine the effects so dark energy actions that are to happen, occur. Seeing to focus try to think of the element. This is unseen and sometimes undetectable magic.

Indirect lava is the Anti-magic Time. This is the time of motions and thoughts. When used it will make moments happen anywhere in the spacial plane. This has dark energy with no heat except for background radiation. Thus this time flows backwards. Stay dark energy in this only as long as one dares.

Indirect Fire is Time. Time comes from Space and Aether. The combined effect make Astral energies. These energies create the time effects. Time is the change by dark energy of event and moment in a persons lifetime. Thus time is the moment of change. One can manipulate time, change the speed of attacks or moments by speeding the moment up or slowing it down and thats the time of effect. The actual element is the used idea, that you have and this exists on a plane or planet of existence with a higher vibration. That you have to think about to see.

Indirect Firewater is time death. Usage of the timedeath causes death of the moment you don't want as it happens. Getting the moment right is easy with the timedeath firewater. Another name is timely death as a life is a death or considered, nothing in life to create with as life can seem better if allowed to create or not as life was understood as what you think. Death in a moment was nothing except a stepping stone and other things that are else to what you thought, created by te notion and this is nothing if not thought. This is a point that I like to say, death is a passage of the soul and spirit to a much better place and time.

Indirect Water is Death. Death is Voids indirect reaction to dark energy life. It leaches and causes decay. Death can be used for raising by destroying with dark matter and matter energy the death. This is the force that kills with no mercy. But one can cheat the death by many means. Disease and Pestilence come from the interaction of death with life.

Indirect Ice is the Death Change ice. The ice of death change by dark energy is just moments when the time comes for people to die. This can be anytime so by dark energy this ice is very effective. That has no temperature except of etherical coldness. When the time for death comes this is the moment of death change ice that causes things with the element. The element is the thing that you think, then you know and you realize what and why the element exists for by feel. This has no other reason to exist.

Indirect Air is Change. With change there are events and moments. The moment of life is change itself. When change is influenced one must be willing to accept the responsibility if questioned. Thus face applies in which one can lie straight faced. Yet it would still be counted honor. Find a reason for change by dark energy and the action is not questioned. This dark energy is questioned though, the brainwaves are usually what give you the answer from dark energy. So when the brain receives a response by sensation and you realize the idea, that is done by the soul insight through the spirit that goes through everything.

The person who gets the lightning strike formed by this air with dark energy will change by the casters will. This is formed by Change air and Energy fire.

More combos be:

Indirect earth water that is antimagic death oil. This oil be the cause of antimagic death effects where this is applied. As this can be an applied direct force, think of the idea and you may get what you need.

Indirect earth air is antimagic change gravity. This gravity be caused by the antimagic changing the nature of the item or person. The effect on a person is thought to be more stronger and yet slightly deteriorated.

Firey indirect air is time change heat. This heat causes a time change effect, of whatever you think of, this is seeable in the area you placed the energy type of element.

Indirect water and indirect earth is death antimagic mud. This mud can cause the death of something its on, that's by antimagic influence.

Indirect air with indirect earth is change antimagic energy. The energy itself can suddenly cause change in an essence of nearby people or things, through antimagic.


Indirect is the actions of indirection. This is where the dark energy actions are done and never noticed until its too late. The actions can be caught by feel and changed so this is never too late in truth. Another name is wizardry. Wizards by idea are the primary users of indirect actions.

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