What the elements are-
  The idea was energy by the creator and those under him were useful to understand how and what his flaws were. This was what you cald say was the outside use to bring things to create, your use was thought or your energy thought that the created creator. Named Centra today also Alaemiai to temselves that formed, the elements by the will of the creator as that created was their source or not as we under the creator were lesser creators. The elements are an observance of all the elements together plus when you see them in action they are amazing to see.

  Where do they come from? The elements come from aether. Aether manipulates the void and came from a long time ago. This is an idea of the time and how they were created. As the created area was the area to use and made was nothing, thought into space by the creator not to do. This was as though the dragon god was useful and yet not done, was what he called user friendly idea that was energy based. Thought was there and thought that led to too relaxed thought, was dismissed by a tense and release muscle idea or thought body as the possible body was there. This dragon god named Emperl was the energy that could see, as if a possible use as use if there was not done if not wanted as too harsh or thought not desired.

  So energy consciousness comes into play here with awareness and things work out by feel with balance due to this energy. I call it Ben, where Ben created most of this universe by thinking and doing. He created so much however, that he turned into an energy consciousness of the universe. So I know by the source I mean the universe. Thus, think or state to the energy around you to have something happen. I believe ben calls himself the creator, at this time. So that's the basis of a spell or prayer, btw, that can get results. That's especially true unless nothing happens, if you think the idea is an end result. Otherwise things are as they exist by feel. He then proceeded to guide the beings of existence in this space, that was created by stones, into creating for themselves.

  The experiment elemental age was where a supposed people called the Centra or creators, who were around as they created aether as a force to be manipulated by minds that were interconnected across the vortex galaxy or dimension 0. Controlled by a god that was dragon age and, part of the aether force is the spacial elements, that you summoned as though out of the space around you. Then they created the worlds with the elements formed from aether and somewhere in midst of creation thier bodies got consumed by the energy used and turned into the force called Ether. This is the spiritual force and the backing of Aether (mental force) that guides all by being the "spirit that goes through everything" as in the book "the way of the scout" by tom brown as he describes it as a spiritual force that effects all with spirit effect in astral and nether space considered with what you think.

  No attack was necessary as the idea was were or atleration, near effective dimensions this was thought travel and thought. So as to seem was creating created from space or not, created was existing space by the creator that saw reason to create things. However, the disagreed upon idea that was created, usually got discarded or wasn't existing when you thought it deexisted. That's when the item or being evaporated with the suns microwaves upon the thought wave reaching the point of vibration, that was creating the thought idea to dissipate from vibrating apart and into the energy that is there. This was usually a multi-universe made with stones or things that were in use. The conscious awareness of energy was usually the point that you understood what was done or said. So I think this is a point to remember.

The nether as a soul space

  The nether is a soul space as the place between worlds, it is the place between life and death also considered an idea ether world. Where there are ghosts and spirits, not all of them human and including the unborn. It is the place where true power lies. If you an enter it and exit unscathed you are of equal caliber as a god. Nobody passes through the well of souls unscathed without first dying on a corporeal level. Abbadon rules the realm and is with the grim reaper as a servant. Avoid Abbadon himself at all costs, for he is the bringer of destruction and not to be trusted. Known as your will is use by crystal energy and energy collected in crystals is focus created, as a crystal as a point to create. Think to create and the crystal makes by water or lava from the thought as the creator was source elements, this is a thing fey like to use and coelesced infini fire energy you will to made and set by the creator sometimes considered in netherese as known and use were there to the creation aspects. Seen as a maze or what have you have at me or nothing at all.

  This set off a crystal creation idea that is what set the war between tribes, think and as you were is where you can create by the will or use the idea to make with love. As you make an idea to seem as use that is what life is worth to you, create as you will energy your will can work with to create as many or different things as possible. This is the use and quest of an old game called foraging or diablo here remade. Tis expends life energy and as you are aware your awakened state is no without energy use, as exiting energy that makes up the body uses what the energy can create by. As if energy is by the will energy is by te point you consider and otherwise don't to not do unless to do somethings about the situation you can sense out. There is now somehow and other idea to the ether that was what you thought, as you think you were able to get as you focus and use is energy to cut or make if the idea was possible as acceptable is the viewpoint and as your aware that makes things that are bad not accepted or done not in life.

  So as the creators as we are at the time, create by the energy with the creator. The energy is use as energy in the area is energy to the resource in mind. The area you use is the area you imagine as time in tthe area called the area by arae people, tis is where the creators came from in time to seem as they sought to create. As tey realized wat wasn't there and everything was there then all they need to do was view and use what they saw was useful. As if thought existed by the creator and by the originator stones that are now somewhere as the stones of creation. This is where you are to see or know what was there, as you are a great person as thought by the creator are aware by the brain.
  If the point was creative and acceptable the subconscious can create with what was necessary, the activity as the need created elements that was a concept or not done as not in thought was ionic cleansing it was by the use as sacred energy of the "exience" the spirits live in were or do as necessary without getting bad, demented or pretty fucked up. So think not to do not or not use was sacred energy of the creator, to make as you will or think to form space as you want. This is the view as from a Hobbit named by what he was or considered himself, that created this idea with other races that helped. There is nothing that isn't possible, as your ability is energy now by the will of the creator or the crystals allowed you could create anything by will.

More information as the rest

  After the dissipation of the creators bodies they were just the energies that support and monitor the universe, plus some Centra remained as the form they chose guiding their creations. Thus they became part of the gods. Then to better watch for the peoples populating the worlds they made vessels for the power they had. Call them Avatars and the avatars are morally the same as the gods themselves, with the gods energy and this includes their knowledge. Some Gods came about by the people of the planets scheming or beliefs of the people though, so not all God's formed the same. The creators mostly hide themselves as they don't want to be bothered most of the time.

 Now as you see it, the Centra do not actually have blood. Instead they were composed of Ether and Aether. Being this, they were able to control Cosmeria to a higher level, using their own body as fuel and forming the body as they want. Though even then Cosmeria was highly volatile to them, and in attempts to protect themselves from it they divided into two tribes, Ether and Aether, and with it the secrets of Cosmeria were divided. The Ether tribe focused on Ether and the mind while the Aether tribe focused on Aether and technology. Seperate they could not use the opposite's element/substance, but at least Cosmeria was unattainable now. Sadly, as time grew by they descriminated against each other, one claiming that their tribe was superior. This finally led to a war that destroyed their existance, for most of them at least.

 There are positive elements drawn from earth and the negative elements drawn from void. There are also the inverse fairy earth properties from magic and the adversity elements from events. Manipulation elements are drawn from hell plus stealth elements come from the night. The dark elements come from the shadow. Light elements come from light fire and the strife elements come from destruction. Imitation elements come from the power around us plus additive elements come from the positive energies. Subtraction elements come from the Dark Matter and the indirect elements come from the iron itself. Corruption elements come from knowledge corruption where divertive elements come from power manipulation. Vision elements come from the third eye power and protective elements come from power of law. Language elements come from actions and needs of others. Hyper elements come come the particles and Wild elements come from raw force plus the elemental combinations are interesting to watch and to use.

What to do and what not to do in yeilding

 How do you yield them? There are two methods, the Forcecraft method and the latin spells described at the end of the doc. Forcecraft is the effect of thinking of the element you want to direct, this is directed however you wish to direct it and you create by the effect so you see this as an ideal result. The forcecraft method is to think of what the element does and imagine it accomplishing something, this is a point that you want or need with the focus to achieve your goals.

 This focuses it through you where your getting the result as an end result, so it gets more power to effect with, plus the element will sometimes repeat the event outside you with equal to that energy you put to create it. This also can be called elemental spelling as it uses the power of mind that makes itself felt as a force effect. This otherwise is to think of the effect, focus your mind by a thought being spoken and then you create by what you do where the thought evokes imagination.

 An example for willed manifest is: If your able to achieve this then you can use this by what you think of the effect, then say it with intent so you instruct your subconscious and without quotes "make an icy cold wind blow through the area by air." You can use any lanuage to create the result, as the point is the end result you may need to occur sometimes. This is a further point, that is with implication called the making process.

 What not to do with this is just thinking about things that are negative, and then things you don't want will occur. This is just to call upon the area that makes an effect for devastation or energy devastation that sometimes occurs bad ended results by feel, this is where you cannot survive and this is done by the wrong phrase or words being used. So use an idea as that what you need as an affirmation, think positively then speak it out loud and imagine the affirmation with the point being done. This uses a making or an ideal forcecraft.

 Making is the combination of focus and imagination. This is for advanced people or people that want to use it, and otherwise others that can get the effect off using their subconscious. This can only be achieved if you do the focus by statement and imagination at the same time. Another example of this for advanced people only is: use this to think a point and will it or say it with intent without quotes "make a warmth of faery fire refresh the room."

 There is additional latin spells, that is yet another language and uses the idea above, they are stated as you feel is correct. They are located at this elements document area and end, think to use these spells as you think of the purpose for the spell to focus the effect. So to do them correctly, think of the need and then state the spell. Then if your feeling in yourself the need, your feelings are able to make your desire seem to happen. This is called feeling with your gut and feel with your gut intuition or instinct.

 This is as if you trained with the intuition for each spell phrase word, and you only had to say it until it occurred some end result. This is repeating the spell if needed, then as the spell must be done you may think for better effect with intent to make it happen or it sometimes won't happen. Egypytian Forcecraft and Elvish spells near the end by itself with the list and High magic spells are at the very end of the list. You know the point, the method, now you must know the elements and listed below are what some understand and can make things of them.

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