Inverse Fairy Elements are:

 Inverse earth can affect the meta energy flows and is considered Magic. To manipulate with the inverse earth means you can affect others by thought alone. This is the best energy to play with for enchantments. This elements heightens anything it's used with.

 The inverse lava is the lava of meta infusion. This lava will be at any heat the caster wills, but it's heat will heal the body, mind and soul. It's heat is infusive.

 Inverse fire is a non burning fire, yet it still heats. It's blue in color and uses magic to feed itself. It lends strength to the mind and soul by giving strength. The flame is restorative in purpose.  This element heightens anything it's used with. It can be any temperature that the caster desires, and can absorb any amount of life that the caster desires. The other names are 'astral flame' and 'eternal flame'.

Inverse firewater grants the user an undestructible nature. It regenerates any body part. Makes the person unkillable as it eats the damage. It heightens the sight of mind and can use any source to keep it working. Its the hot firewater of immunity.

 Inverse water is water that is not water. Another name is faery water. It's apparent by touch and sense and it heals on touch. It cleanses negative and positive energies. If you drink it you become immortal. You cannot see it. This element heightens anything it's used with. Cast a spell near this water and the spell is stored as an enchantment, and can Change something from within.

 The inverse ice formed by interaction of inverse air and inverse water can increase the caster's strength by 10% to 120%. It depends on how pure it is. Used in a drink it will empower the drink. Use it for enchantments and it will increase the enchantment's effect.

 Inverse air is air that is not air because it is metaphysical in sense and like mist. It restores and youthens the body that breathes it and makes a person immortal. A mass spread effect of inverse air affects everything.  This element heightens anything it's used with and can be called Faery Air.

 Focus a lightning effect and you make an attack of a youthening effect. This lightning comes from faery air and energized fire buildup.

 Other combinations be:

 Faery earth water is magical healing cleanse oil. This type of magic oil is the type that heals and cleanses an area. Not just yourself. It can form on intent and idea spoken about it.

 Inverted faery earth air is magic metainfluence gravity. The gravity influence, of what be desired by intent. All one needs is to focus their will and desire through intent and the influence or magic meta, to make occurance easier.

 Firey faery air be Blue fire meta heat. This is where you focus your will through intent and heat things up, near you and away from you. As you influence things to become existant, the area is with a blue glow, too.

 Faery water and inverted earth is a type of mud that be considered healing and cleansing, as it causes magic.

 Faery water in inverted air is healing cleanse influence. This combination be whatever you want it to be, as in influencing idea as it cures and heals and cleanses.


 Magick is the cumulative results of the inverse elements and is like Aether and Ether. Magick has the possibility of reaching any place of existence. It can affect any place of existence. It can do anything that you can imagine. It is pure meta energies of the Astral Plane. It guides the rest of the elements.  This elements heightens anything it's used with.

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