Light Elements

 Life is the Light earth element. Using life you can resurrect and restore a person or objects. Life in itself brings hope and resistance to any spell or destructive feelings. Feeling Life you must keep balance. If no attempt is kept then there is Chaos. Life can restore memories and the soul. This is an element of self-determined growth. If one controls Life one controls balance.

 Life Light Lava is Light Lava. This is the only lava that will restore people while it flows. It brings spell resistance that aids in spell fights. It also brings an unnatural light to the area. Life Light Lava will raise people by infusive heat and it burns at whatever the caster wills. It can melt people or objects in an attack. This is only found as a usable source.

 Light is Fire from the earth and the sun. One sees Light as a way of Sight. Light can dispell shadows and banish bad enchantments. It can recharge one the more one works in it. The Light is a force of guidance that will aid in darkness or day. This force will always aid in winning a fight. Focused light can hurt anyone. One can travel using the Light.

 Positive Light is Light firewater. Positive light serves as force and electricity. This force force can cure or heal as well as cook with the right amount of force. Recharge is possible with this force. Another name is electricity or bioelectricity.

 Positive water is the Light Water element. With this water one can revert insane people to sanity. One can make resurrection possible with the thought of raise while administering the positive water. Using Positive water with items will make the item charged. This is the miracle water that can do anything. It looks like normal water.

 Positive Heat Water is Light Ice. Light Ice is the ice that is warm and positively charged. It keeps it clear form by the magic of the Light. The use of this ice will infuse a drink with a powerful curative. If other enchantments are in the water the ice will enhance the positive and banish the negative spells.

 Heat is Light Air. This comes from Fire and Air. Heat grants mages a power source. It is the key to staying warm. Finding warmth in the night is to use fire that transfers heat particles to the air. Heaters also deliver warmth. An infusion of heat can enchant an object faster. Using an object in heat will strengthen spells. Casting spells in heat will make the spell stronger. Heat travels on a convection current.

 The lightning from this air will form with a lot of heat and strike with deadly force. This lightning comes from heat air and energy fire.

More elemental combos:

 Light earth water is life positive oil, wherever this oil is, theres a life positive attitude and positive energy, that is there as a source.

 Light earth air is life heat gravity, that is self generated and spreads the heat of life.

 Firey light air is light heat. This is the heat of the light that be near and is in the area.

 Light water and light earth is positive life mud. This mud causes you to tink of positive life idea and do positive actions.

  Light air with light earth is heated life energy. This is the arguement energy that can cause arguements of many sorts.


 Sunlight is the cumulative effects of all the Light Elements. This is the Solar energy that powers the human body. The power of the Sun is that which one can use directly as a power source. Transform into a Sun Dragon to make yourself invincible to attack. Used as an attack, the Sunlight can incinerate an attacker.

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