Manipulation Elements

 Manipulation Earth is called the earth of Charm. It is the life blood of the manipulation effects. Use this to manipulate and control any effect, person, or object. This element can guide any effect or person to do what the wielder wants. This element is undetectable except by the controlled person. This element works well with reverse time.

 Manipulation Lava is the charm mutation lava. It will charm anyone near it to destruction. It will mutate anything near it as it moves. This lava is extremely dangerous. It burns at 600 degrees kelvin.

 Manipulation Fire is also called Mutation. This fire can change anything to anything without ever being detected. When it works it is like the person was never changed. Thus the end point of the change is like it was always that way. Objects are the same way. They can start off one way and end up another. This fire has no heat and will not be visible. It is felt by the mutated.

Manipulation Firewater is also called Mutation Control. With this water ye can combine anything with anything at a distance. This firewater is undectable and changes things fast. Another idea is it contains heat if drunken.

 Manipulation Water is also called Control. When this water is used you literally can make anyone do something. All one needs to do is call it into existence. The water will know. It has no flavor and it has no substance except for essence. You can cause fear with this effect.

 Manipulation Ice is also called Controlled Domination Ice. It has the normal coldness of ice yet it will control and dominate anyone who drinks with this ice. With the wielder's direction this could be deadly.

 Manipulation Air is also called Domination. It is the air that is breathed and can dominate your mind. People use this air to make body switching happen. The mind dominated can make it easy to change to a new owner. This air is not detectable except by the controlled.

 The victim of the lightning attack formed from this air will become dominated. This is from Domination air and Energy fire.

 More combinations:

  Manipulation earth water is charm control oil. Its seeming as to control charms by suggestion, this oil allows it. Spread about, it makes the charm easy to control and dissipate.

 Manipulation earth air is a charm of domination. This is a lesser form of domination charm, can make charming of another, to dominate them by earth, is some degree.

 Firey manipulation air is considered Mutation Domination heat. This heat allows mutation domination and control, by thinking of the idea and the person.

 Mutation water and mutation earth is control charm mud. This mud allows you to control a charm, with suggestion and spoken words.

 Manipulation air with manipulation earth is a domination air charm. The domination charm that is greater in effect that the charm of domination. Where, it makes control of another by domination with air charming.


 The total effects of the combined elements may lead to Evil if not controlled. Thus, you need to have the effects you want in mind before using it. Then firmly control it's power. Only then will not turn into a demon. These elements are also the invisible elements.

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