Protection Elements

Shield is the earth shield. This element protects you from all hazards or disruptions.
An earth shield also reduces damage by a certain amount and removing the damage after. This element can be called a ward.

Shield Protection is the lava shield. This element keeps you absorbing excess damage and protects from all hazards. Lava shields also reduces damage recieve plus remove damage on the body and returns the damage to the atacker. Another name is the restoration shield.

Protection is the fire shield. This element absorbs damage and returns it in fire damage to the attacker. The fire shield will keep absorbing the damage plus removes the damage on the body. Another name is damage shield.

Protection prevention is the firewater shield. A firewater shield will ward away the damage and absorb excess energy to return it to the attacker. It can pass the damage to someone else. The protected of this shield is never hurt. A name for this is pass shield.

Prevention is the water shield. This shield acts by warding away the damage or danger leaving the protected unharmed. Water shields can be used to go unnoticed through areas or avert many destructive personalities. Another name is a preventative.

Prevention deflection is the ice shield. This shield causes rearrangement of any attack to be cast on the attacker meaning the attacker attacks himself. Ice shields can also prevent attacks by warding them away. An added benefit is the energy of the attack returns useful energy to the protected. Mostly the ice shield can be used to take out attackers as they attack. Another name is the rearrangement shield.

Deflection is the air shield. Air shields act by deflection of any element thrown at it and remove the damage if any. The air shield makes its use also to prevent projectiles from touching the protected person. Another name is the countershield.

More element energy type mixes be:

Protection earth water is shield prevention oil. This oil acts as a shield of prevention to that which its placed.

Protection earth air is shield deflection gravity. This element energy type causes gravity by actions that make up a shield deflection.

Firey protection air is protection deflection heat. This is the heat that causes a protection motion to deflect the momentary element.

Protection water and protection earth is prevention shield mud. This enchanted mud will cause the state of prevention by protection. In and of things and people.

Protection air with protection earth is deflection shield energy. This energy protects by causing an energy that starts of the aura and is by the soul. The protection is formed into a deflective shield.


Shielding is the group effect of all the shield elements. This is all aspects of shields that can work for you. The shielding of a person will protect until overcome in some manner.

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