Stealth Elements

 Concealment is the element of stealth earth. It is the act of hiding using earth. To use this element think of not being seen. This element is not detected as it will conceal everything the wielder would want. To define the moment of Concealment is to make use of the element.

 Cloning Concealment Lava is the stealth lava. This lava will cover a landscape in minutes as it makes more of itself. It is non detectable. There are very few that can outrun it. The temperature of this lava is around 500 degrees kelvin.

 Cloning is the element of Stealth Fire. Use this element to make perfect copies of anything. This element is useful for making unlimited amounts of money. Thus Cloning is unseeable except to the person who clones. One can even clone themselves.

 Draining is the element of stealth water. Use this water to remove any evidence of the energy that was there. Remove energy from a clog and you clear the drain quickly.  This water is useful for removing bindings. The element of Draining is unseen and is only a force.

 Remove illusion ice is stealth ice. This ice will allow you to be seeing right through illusion. Drink with this ice and you've imbued yourself to see past illusions.

 Illusion is the element of stealth air. Use this element to make make people believe in the fact of something being there but not there. This is is truly an amazing element. It is seen as the person believes it is to be. Anything formed with this will be an illusion.

 The lightning formed from this air will be an illusion. This illusionous lightning comes from Illusion and Energy fire.

 More combos be:

 Stealth earth water that is concealment stealth oil. This oil will make concealed stealth easy.

 Stealth earth air is concealment illusion gravity. This type of gravity is generated by the self, and will cause concealment of illusions, in the area.

 Firey Stealth air is cloning illusion heat. This heat be with the effect of cloning an illusion that be near the heat.

 Stealth water and stealth earth is draining concealment mud. This mud thats applied or flowing in an area, will cause an effect of draining a concealment. So you will see the area, much more clearly.

 Stealth air with stealth earth is illusion concealment. This is the air effect of illusion concealment.


 Stealth is the combined effects of the four stealth elements. It is the thief's best friend. Use it to best effect for hiding things. One does not want to find themselves caught or sometimes bad things can occur.

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