Strife Elements

Chaos is space plus ether and is also Strife Earth, as it uses ether to create events in space that is multitudinous. The more events created, the more chaos is there. The more negative there is. Chaos also warps and changes anything. So, you can use it to morph things, warp effects, power yourself and others, or as a shield to bend attacks or spells.

Chaotic Destruction Lava is Strife Lava. This Lava will destructively kill and morph things as it flows. Its temperature is 700 degrees kelvin. This is called by the caster of spells.

Destruction Fire is Strife Fire and will destroy anything in its path. It is fed by destruction. This includes incinerating objects or induced in others that are the induced will by attackers in your energy that you put your will into and you think it to them as if to kill them with it. Burning from within to destroy the victim or object. The Strife Fire will only cause more destruction and it is fed by destruction. .

Destructive abuse is Destruction strife fire water. This water with fire energy in it will mesmerize and cause divorce to make any messy events out of fear and jealousy and from things done is misunderstanding under this waters use with influence thought by another that is unaffected and no abuse as if your not negative energy. This water is called ugly argument off, of what you think by abuse being called up out of nowhere in a wordly way of view.

Abusive water is Strife Water. The water of Abuse will cause no disturbance unless negative by destructive behavior with incentive and stupidity. It will also cause poor coordination of body. Bad words at any time. Disturbance of a moment in spell casting and purposeful in destruction this is of projects to do. Abusive water is also called water of corruption. Abusive water is seen as normal water.

Abusive Collision Ice is Strife ice. The ice looks like normal ice and yet will kill the victim who drinks of the drink with this in it. Strife ice will bring panic attacks within minutes. It will then turn the victim upon said victims friends and then uponst said victim from within as the killing stroke.

Collision air is Strife Air. This will attack by many means the people around. The attacks include objects. This is the perfect shield that will kill an army and leave the wielder in peace. Collision air is called the strike air.

The lightning formed from this air will make quite an impact before it hits. The victim could die by being near it. This lightning is formed in from Heated air and Energy is fire.

More combos be:

 Strife earth water that is chaotic abuse oil is dumbness. This oil spreads and causes a chaotic activity thats abusive. It can't be used, under no protection and that makes it to seem a use that is avidly do things and to be avoided is your life. If you take it in as an attunement in real life, this is in thought as life goes on to avoid its idea metainfluence an if you can do as you don't and tell if you can.

 Strife earth air is an use by chaotic collisive gravity that really is chaos gathered, as if into the gravity to cause collisive or uncollisive actions by the moment your attempt was there. This is to defeat the evil in your land mind, as in a use is a use that is no abuse. The gravity of this self generated type, can be to used cause chaotic and impulsive collisions. That you can find in the 6th dimension considered death impulse black energy. Dismiss it in thought, and it goes away and rest is not as if the idea to do.

 Firey strife air is destructive collision heat and it can make any destruction from a collision.

 Strife water and strife earth is a abusive chaos mud. This mud be spread and is generated from the self action. Its made on intent and idea to be done and then formed as a muddy action. Its interesting and to be avoided as it causes abusive chaos.

 Strife air with strife earth is collisive chaotic war. This is sometimes unavoidable, but it is very bad to get caught in this wind.


 Strife is the ultimate element of destruction and the cumulative effect of all the strife elements. It will destroy a victim or object and determine the best method to destroy by itself. Use this as a source and you will find yourself stronger. Assasins make use of strife. Another name is the Strike Elements.

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