Subtractive Element

Subtractive earth is Unseen. This is the force of unseen change. The unseen changes will be undetected if not looked for. This can be anything dark energy to casters will through imagination or desire. One can make anything happen dark energy wise and this will be undetected.

Subtraction lava is Unseen Reverse. Use this force of lava dark energy to heat yourself and to force a removal unseen. When this lava runs along the area ground it will undo any anything in the area. The heat of this lava is decided by feel upon detection by the wielder.

Subtractive fire is Reverse. The power of Reverse is the power of dark energy to render any attack effect opposite. Thus one can also make a negative effect by dark energy positive or vice versa. This will only effect what the caster desires and will dark energy to make a suitable shield. Make behavior modifications by this force. This is only a force to be used.

Subtractive firewater is Reverse Undoing. Use this firwater of dark energy to undo while reversing events to wipe the event from history. The usage of dark energy by this always leaves a storm while in effect so another name is erasure firewater. The element is responsible for this, think to use the elements carefully and you avoid a storm.

Subtractive water is Undoing. This water will make anything as if undone when used with feeling and imagination. There can be feeling manipulation by dark energy of the Undoing force as well. Make mistakes disappear with the use of this force. This is only a force of water like vapors.

Subtractive ice is Making. This ice when in effect as a force an will make, the item return that is imagined as if by will to desolve the tissue. You can cause the muscles to spasm or disollution in the upper worlds. Think to make an effect or event come as an idea back as if the caster wills things to exist. Make any event or item with this force. Sometimes when in thought this when making it alerts people.

Subtractive air is Nothing or Dark Matter. Dark matter supports 51% of the universe and is unseen, that is where dark energy is the energy of the unseen universe and accounts for 46% of the energy of the universe. The power of Nothing is Dark Matter manipulation or dark energy. This power will support everything and create anything, that your brain thinks to create by idea with brain waves sometimes in response to what is there. Call forth a lost memory by thinking about the idea and the idea could form if the one so desires. If the idea appears, then things work the way that you wanted. If not, then the idea is not there.

This is called a full manifestation. This Force is a great storage device of everything lost or destroyed. This force of dark matter and dark energy is controlled by belief or Forcecraft. Forcecraft is what you think and the idea manifests somewhere, this can be where you think to look if you need the idea close by with feel. That could be anywhere you think to look with feel, otherwise that is your spirit senses and this is realization from soul insight that I learned this was a point from where I observed there.

The lightning formed from this air by compression will make dark energy happen the person to do nothing. It is formed from Nothing air and Energy fire.

Further elemental combinations:

Subtractive earth water is unseen undoing oil. This be the oil that causes unseen undoing of actions and events.

Subtractive earth air is undoing dark matter gravity. Dark energy creates what this be, the gravity of dark matter thats undoing whatever is near.

Firey subtractive air is reverse nothing heat. This be the reversing of events and by a point in seeming nothingness with heat.

Subtractive water and subtractive earth is undoing unseen mud. This mud is enchanted by the idea thought to this point, that is a point of 'undoing the unseen'. This is spread about activity or allowed to spread idea, that is a point you imagine and this undoes the unseen to your actions.

Subtractive air with subtractive earth is dark matter undoing energy. This is the energy of the darkmatter and is similar to void energy. This dark energy causes an undoing of events by this energy effecting or affecting the area.


Subtractive Forcecraft is the art of subtractive weaving. This is the collaborative effort of the entire Subtractive Elements. The Subtractive dark energy art is a solitary art that will literally bring the weaver to power. Abuse is done sometimes and possible so do not overuse this or you may get bad results by resolution. This is a point in the past that I remember the area and the idea, what happened won't seem to occur again as the one responsible is dead so I think that the abuse is over.

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