Vision Elements

Vision earth is the third eye. The third eye is the subsconscious eye that can manipulate anything that is in existence. It does its own thing and will make the moment of existence for a person much more easier. This eye will counter all spells set against said person and it. This is a tool of the telepath.

Vision fire is Vision itself. Vision is the sight of the mind that allows for great things to be seen. Its visible sight and third eye sight which is the vision of the mind. Things in meditation can be focused upon as vision easier. Think of the works that with training the mind senses can be focused and honed to see. This is psionics and it provokes visions from within. Use this vision to see the future and events related to the self.

Vision firewater is Prescienc of the mind and allows you to see future before it happens. The viewer is often gifted of an event as it might happen of themselves or others when doing something. Reflection or Glimpse is another name for this as this firewater is reflective of events.

Vision water is the water of Sight. Sight is the moment of elements that consist in some part of water to induce sight. Thus to use sight one makes visions from without. Use this element with scrying of people or events.

Air of vision is mind. With the mind comes peace or disruption and panic. This air can also bring visions as one sees them in the air. These are sometimes called phantasms of the mind. One can be psyched out by the moment of disturbing phantasms. Mind is often used for the impulsive actions in someone else to urge the person on. Use mind to make moments of peace or disruptive panic. Another name is influence. This is a tool of the telepath.

Lighting of the the vision air is formed from energy fire and mind. This is the lightning of phantasms and will have the person screaming before it hits. Meaning the strike of the lightning will always hit because the victim or victims will be panicked into not moving. They will see phantasms in the mind.

More elemental combos:

Vision earth water is third eye sight oil. This oil causes your third eye to be sightful. Rub it near your third eye and on your forehead, to get effect. It may be invisible, to the eye especially. But, by imagining the oil being spread, will cause the spreading.

Vision earth air is third eye mind gravity. This gravity can be caused by the intent usage, and the third eye making the intent real. Where its to cause mental gravity and importance, on things.

Firey vision air is vision of the mind heat. This heat causes the vision to appear in your mind, of the things nearby, that you would want to cause a person to see. It is summoned by the third eye.

Vision water and vision earth is sight of the third eye mud. Basically, this element energy type will be a part of the mud suddenly, and where it spreads is likely to cause sight of the third eye, on thinking of the area.

Vision air with vision earth is third eye mind energy. This is a combination, of elemental energy types, that makes energy and this energy makes the third eye cause mental events, to be real enough.


Psychic is all the vision group together. This element is the symbol of all that is vision. Being phychic grants you a gift of always knowing the events without being told. Most scryers, visionaries, investigators are phychic.

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