Wild Elements

Wild earth is wild energy construed as wild magic. Wild magic is just pure force without conditioning being raw energy thus mostly chaotic. To use this force you need to work with logic to plot its course by use of conditions the energy uses to conform itself to. Another name is raw energy.

Wild devour lava will makedestroying a city block easy as there is no control of it whence its unleased except for wild mages with expertise. This lava will melt with wild energy anything in its path as it flows along an area fairly quick. It has no heat except what the person wants to feel. Another is wild lava.

Devour fire is wild fire that is so concentrated it devours anything in its path. This includes wood, fabric, stone and other material cuz of fire concetration being wild making anything be eaten as fuel in its path. Devour fire can also destroy the death of a victim if focused right. Another name is wild fire.

Mana devour firewater is wild firewater that is capable of devouring any power source. This source can be directed by outside forces like magnetics, magic or channeling. When it eats a souce up it destroys by usurping from within to form a false power plus mana devour firewater has possibility to be used as an inner channel of any power to deliver a hidden message alluding people to make believe that its something that it isn't as in allusion (misleading). Another name is ability loss or false power.

Channel water is wild water that does any number of possible effects that can be channeled to make occur by meditation and focus.Use this water to channel effects thru as it has no outside control except for the channeler. Another name is wild water.

Channel mana ice is wild ice that strengthens thru events to make a person better from within. To use it try to focus it into existence making it condense from mana air and channel water to form into some type of ice cube. Its exact temperature is below zero so you want it to form in a sealed area. Another use is to channel its effects inside someone to gain the chaotic effect of desire. Another name is choas ice thus its useable by chaoticists.

Mana air is magical source air that can be used for anything of magical purpose. This air supports any magical purpose in which is magick in itself such as a magical rite. This is the true source of power that can strengthen any rite or person to lengthen a persons life infinifetly if possible. It can deter problems from happening as long as possible so it can support in many ways. This is an olden power far older than it seems that comes channeled from the gut thus not to be misused as its a very strong source. Another name is mana source or old power.

Blue lightning is mana lightning that can succumb anything to its will plus be undetectable before it hits. Its an energy that strikes with incinerative force or a force that makes the victim succumb to the casters will. Another name is magic lightning and is directed by will.

More energy element combos be:

Wild earth water is wild energy channel oil. This be an idea energy, starting out, that induces a thought which makes a wild energy surge channeled to some place.

Wild earth air is wild energy mana gravity. The gravity that starts out as a mental creation. Then becomes something, from wild energy and mana being focused by your intent and will. The intented will can be expressed. At first, the effect is to kill the action, then the actions build up the wild energy, to create the effect. As though it were a gravity, for the right actions.

Firey wild air is devour mana heat. This heat energy type, be to cause devouring by mana and heat is generated, from the activity. This can drive you insane, if gone too much in working with it, or if your effected by it.

Wild water and wild earth is channelling wild energy mud. This created mud from enchantment, be from channeling wild energy, for the effect of placing the mud and getting a powerful, but somewhat unpredictable effect. The general intent is what be done, most times. If too much stress and wild energy, then you could go crazy.

Wild air with wild earth is mana wild energy. This be the energy of deferrment. Where the actions you do, causes the energy and by what you do in deferrment, can you direct it. Otherwise, its somewhat interesting to control it. As it refuses direct control, it becomes hard to be within control. Be within becomes be without things and idea and you lose energy.


Wildness is the force of uncontrolled nature that will turn the tide of any battle or make seem the person to be of uncontrolled wildness. This is the force of the wild element altogether and is totally unpredictable as its raw nature force at the hands of wild mages or chaoticists. Only dragons and fey can use this force without problem as they are wild benergy beings.

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